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Sunday, October 23, 2011

AfterDark's Interview with Summer Daniels

AfterDark Online is pleased to do an interview with one sensual writer of erotica, who adds anticipation and such feeling to her stories. From the author of Summer’s Journey - Volume One & Two, Summer Daniels joins AfterDark Online for an interview.

1. Summer, thank you so much for doing this interview. Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a recent divorcee who is on a journey of self-discovery and sexual independence.  I work as an IT executive by day and a new erotica author by night.  You can guess which one is more fun lately.

2. How long have you been writing and what other genres do you enjoy writing?

I am a fairly new author.  I’ve only been writing for a few months now, but it has been something I’ve wanted to do my entire life.

3. How do your friends and family feel about your writing?

My friends and family actually have no idea I am writing or published.  I thought it would not be fair to my nieces and nephews in particular to discover some of the naughty things their aunt has been up to!

4. Being a self-publisher has been one challenge, which I can relate to, but what other challenges have you faced in your writing, but were so proud to accomplish?

The biggest challenge I have faced in writing has been finding dedicated time and energy.  I work long hours in my day job, so finding motivation to write at the end of a long day has been difficult.  I have started getting up early in the morning to write for an hour before the busy day starts.

5. When you read other people’s stories, what are you looking for? (comedy, romance, drama, or etc?)

I typically enjoy a wide variety of genres when I read, but I really enjoy thrillers, action/adventure, courtroom dramas and mysteries.

6. Tell us about your two books Summer’s Journey Volume 1 & 2. Please give us a short synopsis of the two?

The first two volumes of my Summer’s Journey series are the beginning of a larger True Romance / Erotica series.  They chronicle the adventures I have been having since my divorce.

Volume One is an introduction with a lot of background information about what happened to my marriage, how I met Mark, and his unusual method of communication.  It ends in a cliffhanger of sorts as my little black dress hits the hotel room floor.

Volume Two gets much more explicit as we find out what Mark has in mind for me in terms of expanding my sexual horizons.  It picks up where Volume One left off and we get to see what happened after that dress hit the floor.

7. How long did it take for you to complete your work and what inspired you to do both books?

Both volumes took me approximately two months each to write.  Given the relative short length of the volumes, I can definitely be categorized as very deliberate when I write.

The inspiration behind writing the series of books was really just a desire to share my story with others and explore my desire to write.

8. Understandably, the use of your main character is yourself. Were any of the events you wrote about were based on fictional or non-fictional characters?

Well you could say that all of the events I write about are based on non-fictional characters as this truly is a true romance / erotica series.  I changed just enough details along the way to protect the guilty (Me!).

9. Will there be a Volume 3 in the future? Also, do you have any other projects in the future?

There is a Volume Three currently being written.  The number of volumes to come after that actually is relevant to a central plot point of Volume Two, so I won’t disclose it here.

I have a number of other projects rolling around the back of my mind, but I am concentrating my efforts on the Summer’s Journey series at the moment.

10. Are there any other books you have written? If so, where can they be purchased?

No other books or stories to date.

11. To the readers of The AfterDark World, is there something trivial you would like to share about yourself?

I have a sweet tooth of epic proportions.  Luckily I have a very high metabolism that counters it.

12. What advice would you give to other writers of erotica, especially for those that are starting out?

I would say the most important advice I can give when writing erotica is to remember that the brain truly is the largest sex organ.  Do not underestimate the intelligence of your readers.  Stimulate their minds and surely their bodies will follow.

13. Where can your books be purchased? Also, do you have a website, a blog, or social networking sites where they can follow you and your work?

My books can be purchased in the following locations:


Volume One:
Volume Two:


Volume One:
Volume Two:

Barnes & Noble:

Volume One:
Volume Two:

Please connect with me online as well:

My blog is where I post excerpts from my current work in progress, news, future guests spots, etc.

Or send me an email – I’d love to hear from you:

Ms. Daniels, thank you so much for taking the time for this lovely interview. I am honored to have you on here in The AfterDark World, and I do look forward doing another one in the future. Also, good luck with your latest release. I will vouch that Volume 1 was enticing, and I recommend the readers to read Volume 2. :-)

Here is an excerpt from Volume Two – Alphabetical Assignation

My hesitancy at Mark seeing me naked disappeared completely as I heard him gasp softly when my dress hit the floor.  I stood a little straighter and pushed my chest out a little more aggressively as I felt his gaze travel over me.

Pressing his body back up against mine, I could feel his hardness insistent and strong along my mostly naked ass.  His hot breath warmed my ear as he spoke softly.  “We have talked at length about control and trust, so I thought it was important to let you know what you might be expecting this evening.  Our journey to this point has been a literary dance of flirtation and allusion.  Now things are about to get very real.”  Mark alternated between slowly grinding his hard cock against me as he spoke and pulling away, causing me to unconsciously push my hips back, seeking that physical connection once again.

“Your intelligence and literary verve have lent themselves to an idea for how to expand your sexual horizons while giving us both a great deal of pleasure.  In that vein I will say that you have arrived here tonight for what I will call an alphabetical assignation.  Over the next year, if you choose to continue on our journey together, you and I will explore the sexual alphabet together.  Every two weeks, assuming you do not tire of me, we will meet in this very room for another lesson.  Before you laugh or scoff at my idea, I want you to feel something.”

Mark guided my hand to feel his hardness.  My pulse, already racing, accelerated even more as I felt his length through his silk boxer shorts.  Honestly not having that much experience I could not tell you if he was larger than average, but compared to my ex-husband, he felt enormous.


  1. great interview! I admire all those who are willing to go the self-pub route! keep up the great work.

  2. Great interview and very brave to chronicle your journey like that! All the best to you :)

  3. Thank you both for the very kind comments!

    I have been having a lot of fun and learning a lot through self-publishing.

    Trying to find the time to write, promote, etc. - all in addition to having a full time IT job and have a life - has been daunting!

  4. You kept me inspired to write fiction based on my non=fiction experiences. It's great that you reveal yourself in your stories. Best of luck and your series.

  5. Pablo,

    I inspired you? Really?

    Thank you - that is such a compliment!

    And thank you for the best wishes.


  6. Summer, it has been a pleasure interviewing you. On top, I also thank you for the opportunity and I would like to thank those who commented on this interview.

  7. Good luck with your writing and your personal journey. I hope you end up where you want to me.