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Sunday, October 16, 2011

AfterDark's Interview with Cassandre Dayne

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Coming back for the second time, she was the first person I’ve ever interviewed and now she is back for the second time. The AfterDark World is pleased to introduce Cassandre Dayne, an extraordinaire author of such naughty, wicked tales. Thanks once again for coming here. What a pleasure!

Thank you so much for having me – I love talking with you.

1. Hi, thank you once again for another interview. I remember being the break-in interviewer with you and I was a bit nervous, LOL. Now that I’ve gotten a hang of it I want to now know more about you. So to begin, over the last three months what have you been doing lately?

In truth I write and market as much as I can in a day. I typically spent about 3 to 4 hours marketing a day and that includes blogging and then I edit and write. I also have been working behind the scenes with Rebel Ink Press as their Director of Communications and Publicity so I handle a lot of marketing etc for all the writers.

2. Now I understand that you do work with two publishers, Naughty Nights Press and Rebel Ink Press. What kind of work do you handle at NNP and RIP? These are one of the most interesting, upcoming e-publishing companies to date.

I do indeed work with the two only. Both are relatively new and what I love about them both is they are cutting edge – in slightly different ways. NNP is very in your face provocative with kink and gore and Rebel brings you a bit of everything – not just locking themselves into romance but moving into Science Fiction, campy and steam punk. I handle marketing and PR for all the writers at Rebel in an official capacity and I handle some of that with NNP in a non official – most like sharing what I’ve learned because we’re all in this together.

3. To my understanding, you are releasing not just one, but two books on at the end of October. What are the names of them and please elaborate more about those releases?

Red Fire – Surrender is the first in a trilogy about a human cop, Jax Steele, and a Russian vampire, Aleksandr Vasiliev, and how their lives interact not only to solve murder but in the fact that Jax is learning he’s much more important to Aleks’ life than he understands and Jax is learning to submit not only his soul but his body.

Raging Shadows is about two male vampire lovers and one is condemned by the only death that occurs with their kind and must find a human female who will give of her own free will her very life to them. They are also owners of a highly kinky BDSM club and the lifestyle is something our heroine craves

4. Much of great success has come since your release of “Spankdown”, “Power Struggle,” and “Punch Back”.  And now with the release of the two books through Naughty Nights Press, “Red Fire – Surrender” & “Raging Shadows”, what gave you the inspiration to write these two stories. Plus, how long did it take for you to complete both of your books?

I get inspiration all over the place but for the vampire books I’ve always loved vampires since I was a kid. I have an entire series  - four long books penned – that is not erotic but holding those back as vampires are going out of style – BUT kinky vampires who crave each other in a m/m situation and BDSM is something else entirely. Red Fire I wrote in about three weeks on and off and let it sit as I moved into other erotic books. Then I decided to bring it back as a trilogy so I polished that up in about three days and at 95k – I think that was good. Raging Shadows is about 27k so start to finish took me a little over two and a half days including editing.

5. Do you have any upcoming projects in the future? And also sometime down the line, have you considered doing a collaboration with another author?

I have about 60 coming up and the rest of the year is going to be busy. With NNP Forced Fantasies will come out in December along with now what I think is a stand alone – Mr. Mistletoe and Forced is a very dark BDSM m/m/m book. With Rebel – I have one or two coming out a month for the next four years.

6. Also to my understanding, you written an article piece for Kink E Magazine. Could you please explain to others what the article was about?

I write about the D/s relationship quite a bit and Mirabelle from KinkE knew that – she asked me to go darker into the side of true Sadism as a Master. That was very eye opening.

7. So what was the toughest project have you ever had to face, but was proud with your kind of work?

PINKED – writing as Dakotah Black – it’s the series I love and its campy and funny and has barely any sex and I’m terrified people will hate it but I love it.

8. The Cassandre Dayne of today vs. the Cassandre Dayne in July. Was there anything that you learned in the past three months that you can share?

Heck yes – learn more every single day about being a better writer and learned a heck of a lot more about the D/s lifestyle as I’ve had many more frank and very open talks with a Master Dom.

9. If there was something trivial that you wanted your fans to know more about you and your profession as a writer, what would it be?

Trivial is that I can’t stop thinking about writing. From sun up to sun down I’m planning and thinking and figuring out what to do best and next and how to organize and… whew… oh and I can’t do any of it without music.

Miss Dayne, I really had a ball and a pleasure to interview you the second time. I hope to interview you again the third time and more. Thanks again, for the opportunity.

Thank you very much – I love working with you and sharing stories on After Dark Online as well!  Keep them coming!

Kisses   xxx



Jax Steele was a haunted man. A Detective by trade, damning visions of a wretched event had taken not only his soul but also the family he loved dearly. Living a shadowed life, he accepted every wretched case given with a vengeance, determined to right the wrongs of his horrible past. When young men began showing up slaughtered like animals, the nightmares began all over again pulling him into his own private hell. All clues led to an elusive erotic artist of Russian decent who enjoyed the dark arts of BDSM and Jax believed he’d found his killer, yet intense hungers buried deep within were awakened and he wanted nothing more than to become Aleks’ student.

Aleksandr Vasiliev carried dark secrets of his own. A monster to some, the vampire had forsaken his past and the family regime in search of a new life away from murdering humans. Unfortunately his previous subjects turned up gutted and he was the only suspect. As Jax and Aleks forged a bond to try and find the murderer, each suspected something that neither could control. As the power of domination and control swirled around their relationship, Jax was forced to face not only his ugly past but also hungers that burned deep in his soul. Betrayed, Aleks was determined to save Jax, his true mate but powerful vampires from his past threatened not only his lover but the entire human race. In a race against time, few would survive.


Savannah Lily was bored with her everyday life and hungered to spice up her life. Her job as a fashion consultant left her little time for a social life so when her three best friends suggested a game using the Ouija Board and a naughty dare, she initially scoffed until she heard about the prize. She’d dabbled with the occult since her childhood, curious about all things that went bump in the night and Halloween was fast approaching. Hungry for one man who filled her every night with sinful visions, winning the prize just might help her achieve her ultimate fantasy, immortality.

Constantine Avion was considered by many to be a warlock specializing in the extreme torture of men and women. Some said he held the key of life and death in his hands and he was rumored to have a male lover. Feared by everyone that knew him, his secret club catered to the darker side of sex infused with magic. Entrance by invitation only, few were selected to go behind the hallowed doors.

For some reason Raging Shadows was having a Halloween party open to the public in groups of four or more. The only catch? One member of each party would be required to perform an act of seduction or kink if requested with no questions asked and Constantine determined how the game was played. As the night fast approached, Savannah was determined to entice the man some called a monster. Unfortunately she didn’t understand his level of power and his desperate needs until one night reminded her she was very much alive. Would Savannah decide to succumb to the man of her dreams and give up her soul or was there a darker power working against the tortured lovers?


  1. Great interview, Ray and Cassie. Best of luck with all your books. You will be a busy lady this coming year.

  2. Thanks Jean - I'm trying to enjoy it - sometimes hard but I love every minute of writing so...

  3. Interesting interview, and best of luck Cassie. :) Speaking as someone who studied Russian in college/grad school, thank you so much for giving your vampire a reasonable Russian name.

  4. Wonderful interview Ray and I remember Cass taking your interview cherry, you certainly have come a long way and your questions are very thought provoking and unique. Well Done!

    Cass as usual honey your responses to interview questions are a delight to read.

    Love working with the both of you.

    *bites n kisses*

  5. Thanks so much lady - it's fun to answer then and be a part!