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Thursday, October 6, 2011

AfterDark's Book Review: Monkeys, Sex, & Other Birthday Surprises

Hey people, Hiaydoin’? I felt this review could not be ignored because this author has really intrigued me with her style of romance and comedy put together. Ms. Kellie Kamryn is a breakthrough author in my book and today she will get a review done by me.

When I read the book “Monkeys, Sex, and Other Birthday Surprises” I  anticipated a good story and the book had really exceeded my expectations. Kellie Kamryn provided me not just an erotic story, but an erotic story that included a phone sex scene, a crazy family, one little monkey that caused a ruckus, and a hot sex scene that made me have to do a double-take. Earlier, I wanted to come up with ten reasons why they should read the story. I could only think of seven, but hey, seven’s a lucky numbe, but instead I might as well come out with a simple review anyways and include seven reasons why all together.

The book had me ever since I read the first dialogue when Missy, the lead character of the story, was having phone sex with a long time person of interest named Sam. The story was very well explained and comical all the way through, while keeping the style of romance between Missy and Sam. I couldn’t stop laughing at the events that unfolded at her birthday party, and I was dying to know on what note will her story end. To put it short, I loved it!

Missy never expected her family to show up on her birthday; she was not in a celebrating mood. If her family wasn’t going to ruin her day, then the little monkey will. How did the little monkey get in the story? Well, the little monkey is a capuchin that belonged to her brother and what good way to help disrupt her birthday, well the little monkey of course.

But Missy never expected Sam to show up at her party. Sam was invited by her sister's boyfriend, leaving her unprepared to see him in person. At first, she thought the timing wasn't right between them in person, but the chemistry in the end proved otherwise. Sam; despite all the crazy events that occured at the party, stuck it out through and he was only interested in her, no matter what happened at the party. Neither any second thoughts, her crazy family, nor some little capuchin was going to stop Sam from being with the woman he had wanted all along. He was going to stick it through the end for Missy; regardless.

When the party came to an end, the two were left alone to spend such a wonderful evening together. And may I just add that the sex scene was very hot and worth reading over. Ms. Kamryn has developed a nice build-up on the sex scene and I look forward to her future projects.

Her upcoming releases are due out through other publishing companies, like Secret Cravings and Romance Devine, but in the meantime, “Monkeys, Sex, and Other Birthday Surprises” can be purchased through Secret Cravings Publishing, and I recommend you get it. Great job Kellie, I look forward reading more of your works.

Ray Sostre
AferDark Online


  1. Awesome review Ray and I have to completely agree- it is a great read. I laughed quite a few times and I'll admit- the title had me curious

    Dawne P

  2. *blush* thanks for the rave review Ray! and Dawne as well. I'm so glad people are enjoying this book. At a bad time in my life, this book was a joy to write to I'm glad people like it :) Spread the word!