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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: 9/11/11 - Service With A Smile

Here is a snippet from a WIP book "Service With A Smile".
This book will be an anthology written by me, describing the real events, some tweaked, that goes on at the hotel
during the night shift. Lots of comedy and some steamy, spicy sex scenes


John has seen enough for the night and he was happy to see the time 6:30 AM. Only a half-hour was left as he was relaxing in front of his computer playing a game of Tetris. Things were so quiet at this hour, he could hear someone fart behind closed doors, but the quietness didn't last long until Mrs. Nussmeyer approached the front desk, setting an offensive "Do Not Disturb" sign. It wasn't the hotel's, but the picture was quite obvious why Mrs. Nussmeyer was upset.

"I will never stay at your hotel again!" She quickly shook her head, "This picture is disturbing!"

He tried to hold back his laughter when he saw an animated silhouette picutre; the kind seen in front of the lavratories indicating mens' or ladies' room. This picture was very comical; a female with a strap-on holding down a male submissive to a table. Down below, was a message written in parenthesis.

He tried keeping a straight face when he replied, "Down below says it all... it's disturbing enough."


  1. BAHAHAHHHAHAH oh what a crack up. And that pic made it oh so much more fascinating. Love it Ray!

  2. LOL!! Loved it! I really look forward to this anthology!! Sometimes it's those based on real life that are the funniest!!

  3. OMFG Ray too funny- and once again- would love to read this one for you for critiquing- love your sense of humor

  4. Love the pic and the story, made me laugh.

  5. That's hilarious! I bet your nights are never dull working at a hotel.

  6. hahaha :) Great six -- love the added pic too