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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: 09/25/11 Service With A Smile.

Hey people, this here is one of my most happiest moments of writing Six Sentence Sunday. This story "Service With A Smile" will pertain to the real events of my now former job.

As I wonder what is the fate of my employment since the place was sold out to a new owner, I say what the hell. I'm going to write something. And sometimes when the chips are down, you could use a good laugh to forget about your losses.

Your's Truly,
Ray Sostre.

John was finishing his paperwork when an elderly man came to the front desk to do a check-out. The elderly man seemed irritable from the lack of sleep, but was calm upon checking out. John gave the elderly man his attention as he took the key card from the him.

"Did you sleep well sir?" John asked.

"No," said the man who spoke with a Chicagoan accent. "I'd like to complain about the people next door. Some woman kept me up all night, dreaming about this candy bar."

"Candy bar?" as he processed the check-out, printing out his receipt.

"Yeah, at two in the morning, she kept saying... Oh Henry... Oh Henry... Oh Henry!"


  1. ROFLMAO!! We should get tOgether and write! A lot of people view hospitals as hotels! There'd be plenty of great stuff!

  2. Just love it Ray, killing myself laughing.

  3. OH GOOD GOD Ray---- LOVE it as always...your sense of humor slays me every week- keep it up (pun intended)

    Dawne P

  4. You had me at the picture - so many wicked things I could say here

  5. LOL so awesome, Ray! And I LOVE the picture!

  6. LOL so funny :-) I just love the idea of the old man being puzzled and perhaps thinking 'Candy?, hmmm I quite fancy a candy bar now'...

  7. Had to laugh. I bet you have more great stories to tell.

  8. haha--can I steal your sign? ☺
    Great 6 -- as always

  9. LOL. Love humor and sex, dirty jokes and a good smutty laugh. Thanks for the post. Good six.

  10. ROFLMAO!! Love it Ray :) And I love the background to this site!

  11. I love it, Ray! Makes want a candy bar right now. LOL Great six!