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Monday, September 26, 2011

AfterDark's Book Review of: The Soul Awakening by SammyJo Hunt

Hey people, I want to introduce my very first book review from an author who has really surprised me with her wonderful talent of writing erotic romance, Ms.  SammyJo Hunt.

As a straight man, I'm not generally a reader of m/m romance, but when being the site's owner/administrator of AfterDark Online, I learned you have to accept reading and writing every genre which comes your way, including m/m erotica. It's been quite an good experience for me to learn about these other genres and the differences associated with reading and writing them.

My first book review is from Chasing The Dream, the anthology by Silver Publishing which features five other authors including Sue Brown and GA Hauser. One tale in particular which caught my eye was SammyJo Hunt's The Soul Awakening, a dark romance/drama about a rockstar named Michael who was on tour and became stranded due to a car breakdown. Michael meets a tall, dark figure named Zandor who changed his life in many poignant ways.

What I found intriguing about it was the way the story held my interest with the dynamic between Zandor and Michael. The plot was fresh and unique, very haunting. I really enjoyed the spin on the story which had Zandor choosing men over women so he wouldn't pass on his curse. That was very different for me.

Also, even though I'm not a gay man, the erotic scenes even stirred my desires. They were well written, and the flow of the story was sensual and captivating. Plus the ending was pretty evocative, epic in a way that made you wish for more. It was reminiscent of old horror movies featuring vampires and villains I grew up watching. That part was great!

SammyJo has written several stories in the m/m erotic romance genre, including A Wicked Encounter and Haunted by Obsession (to be released in early Oct. 2011). I recommend you read this book as the flow of her story piques your curiosity while also giving you a well-written and classy old-fashioned romance between Michael and Zandor. To anyone who reads m/m romance, I highly recommend you purchase the book through Silver Publishing.The Soul Awakening and Chasing the Dream are excellent reads. Well done, ladies


"Michael… after tonight, I'll never stop wanting you, needing you. Should you ever give yourself to me again, you'll be mine forever, and I won't be able to let you go a second time. Do you understand that?"

The color slowly drained from Michael's face. Suddenly, the realization dawned upon him of what Zandor's words had meant. He'd only taken what he needed that night they were together, and it was enough to renew Zandor's youthful looks, but he hadn't taken Michael's life. Who knows why. It was possible Zandor had felt something for Michael, compassion or love, perhaps. Because of it, the curse hadn't been passed on to him. Not yet. But Zandor's meaning now was clear. If they were ever together again, Zandor would take his blood and his life, and he'd become cursed like Zandor, living as Zandor's mate and lover in an immortal state for eternity, reduced to the same fate as his ethereal lover.

Great book, it's a recommended read to readers of m/m erotic romance! - Ray Sostre, AfterDark Online.


  1. Thank you so much for your awesome review of my story, Ray! This was really lovely. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. I appreciate your kindness and professionalism.

    Take care & best wishes,

  2. It's been a great honor to do a review. Thank you! :-)

  3. Great review Ray and Sammy Jo your book looks brilliant