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Monday, September 26, 2011

AfterDark's Book Review of: The Soul Awakening by SammyJo Hunt

Hey people, I want to introduce my very first book review from an author who has really surprised me with her wonderful talent of writing erotic romance, Ms.  SammyJo Hunt.

As a straight man, I'm not generally a reader of m/m romance, but when being the site's owner/administrator of AfterDark Online, I learned you have to accept reading and writing every genre which comes your way, including m/m erotica. It's been quite an good experience for me to learn about these other genres and the differences associated with reading and writing them.

My first book review is from Chasing The Dream, the anthology by Silver Publishing which features five other authors including Sue Brown and GA Hauser. One tale in particular which caught my eye was SammyJo Hunt's The Soul Awakening, a dark romance/drama about a rockstar named Michael who was on tour and became stranded due to a car breakdown. Michael meets a tall, dark figure named Zandor who changed his life in many poignant ways.

What I found intriguing about it was the way the story held my interest with the dynamic between Zandor and Michael. The plot was fresh and unique, very haunting. I really enjoyed the spin on the story which had Zandor choosing men over women so he wouldn't pass on his curse. That was very different for me.

Also, even though I'm not a gay man, the erotic scenes even stirred my desires. They were well written, and the flow of the story was sensual and captivating. Plus the ending was pretty evocative, epic in a way that made you wish for more. It was reminiscent of old horror movies featuring vampires and villains I grew up watching. That part was great!

SammyJo has written several stories in the m/m erotic romance genre, including A Wicked Encounter and Haunted by Obsession (to be released in early Oct. 2011). I recommend you read this book as the flow of her story piques your curiosity while also giving you a well-written and classy old-fashioned romance between Michael and Zandor. To anyone who reads m/m romance, I highly recommend you purchase the book through Silver Publishing.The Soul Awakening and Chasing the Dream are excellent reads. Well done, ladies


"Michael… after tonight, I'll never stop wanting you, needing you. Should you ever give yourself to me again, you'll be mine forever, and I won't be able to let you go a second time. Do you understand that?"

The color slowly drained from Michael's face. Suddenly, the realization dawned upon him of what Zandor's words had meant. He'd only taken what he needed that night they were together, and it was enough to renew Zandor's youthful looks, but he hadn't taken Michael's life. Who knows why. It was possible Zandor had felt something for Michael, compassion or love, perhaps. Because of it, the curse hadn't been passed on to him. Not yet. But Zandor's meaning now was clear. If they were ever together again, Zandor would take his blood and his life, and he'd become cursed like Zandor, living as Zandor's mate and lover in an immortal state for eternity, reduced to the same fate as his ethereal lover.

Great book, it's a recommended read to readers of m/m erotic romance! - Ray Sostre, AfterDark Online.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

AfterDark's Interview with Dawne Prochilo

AfterDark World is happy to interview one of the hottest erotic writers and bloggers of all time. From Room 11 to Sex Marks the G-Spot Blog, I introduce Dawne Prochilo, and yes blondes can have more fun, especially in writing.

1. Thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity to interview you. Before we get started could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a mother of three grown children, an author and writer, a wife and all-around people person. I have six novels out now, three more scheduled for release in October and one in November and four more on contract for 2012. When not buried in promotions, edits or writing, you can find me in the kitchen cooking and baking- my second love. I also do book reviews for three sites and adult toy reviews for two online companies.
2. How long have you been writing erotic stories, and what other genres do you write?
I have been officially writing erotic since the summer of 2010. I have two erotic romance  novels available through Secret Cravings Publishing (Room 11 and Rachel's Desire) and three more erotic novels coming out in the fall of 2011. I also write contemporary romance and have one sweet, sensual romance being re-released in November 2011.
3. How do your friends and families feel about your writing?
Some friends don't know while others congratulate me and love my writing. The family is another story. My husband is my first editor and critique and loves my work. I've surprised him on a few occasions with my writing style and imagination. As for my children- my oldest (a son) knows I write and what I write but is ignorant to what it actually is. My oldest daughter loves reading my work and always asks about it. My youngest daughter seems a tad bit embarrassed that I write what I do. She even goes as far as to lay down my novel covers that are on display in the house when her friends come over to the house. My parents (OMG) know I write, see my novel covers and choose to ignore it, I think.
4. When you read other people’s stories, what are you looking for to keep you interested? Are you looking for the excitement, romance, comedy, or etc?
I need to see a connection with the characters. Granted erotic romance has a stereotype of being classified as pornography but I need to see a storyline. To me erotic romance must have a plot with sex as the secondary story. If an author succeeds with that scenario, then I am hooked. I've noticed some humor being exhibited in many new erotic romance authors and I love it. If you can make me (Miss Sarcasm) laugh, job complete.
5. I understand you’re a blog guru. Why don’t you give the readers the difference about your blogs, for example, “Open Book” vs. “Sex Marks The G-Spot”? If there are any more blogs to include, please fill us in?
My husband has nicknamed me the Blog Whore- lol. I'm always on blogs looking for book reviews to post, submission calls and any other unusual post that may draw interest. I spend about 3-4 hours a day scouring blogs and posts.
An Open Book is my personal blog where I participate in Six Sentence Sunday, post reviews of books I've read, my adult toy reviews and step up onto my soapbox when the need arises.
Sex Marks the G-Spot is a blog I started in April 2011, for upcoming authors and adult content writers to showcase their work, whether published or not. We were all at that starting point and it's a great place for exposure.

Other blogs I oversee include Sensual 'n Secret, Romance Writers Behaving Badly, I participate in Simply Erotic Reviews and The WM Review Connection and many more. You can always find me somewhere blogging.
6. In a short synopsis, please tell us about your book His Holiday Seduction?
My next release is with Romance Divine called His Holiday Seduction- which is part of the publishers' holiday releases (release date is October 8). It's basically a story about two neighbors who fantasize about each other but neither takes it upon themselves to act. One snowy night before the holidays events happen and so do they. Nice sensual moments with a HEA.
7. What inspired you to write your story (title of book )?
Like Room 11 and Rachel's Desire, the story lines just popped into my head and I ran with it. Titles are an after thought for me, the last detail of a book. I usually have some idea of a tentative title but generally as I'm writing, a phrase or word will hit me and I'll say, “Yeah, that's a good title.”
8. Do you have any further projects coming up?
Oh yes, do I ever. After His Holiday Seduction, I have a free read with Romance Divine and their authors coming out and with Rebel Ink, I have a Claw Marks short novella in an anthology called Insatiable Kate scheduled for release in October. Then in November, my re-release of On Her Own with Secret Cravings is due out.
I'm also working on a few anthologies with fellow erotic romance author Jodi Olson and I have a few more authors that I've been mulling ideas over with but first I have to fulfill contract obligations to NNP and Ravenous Romance for 2012.

9. In the time that you have been writing erotic stories, what kind of characters do you always enjoy writing about? (the hero/heroine, dom/sub, or etc?)
I am a hero and heroine addict- I love to mix the love/hate relationship with a budding, yet hot, romance. But in addition to that, I believe having the traditional antagonist adds such a great value to any good story. There has to be roadblocks and obstacles for the happy couple.
10. So what was the toughest project have you ever had to face, but was proud with your kind of work?
Believe it or not, it wasn't a novel. It was a recent submission that was requested of me for USA TODAY. I was contacted by an editor to write an article for their Your Life Magazine about the changes in erotic romance novels and the e-publishing world. I was confident at first but as the deadline loomed, I freaked out. I have over a decade of newspaper writing experience, but this was USA TODAY- I think my freaked out was justified. No edits were done and it's out right now. That is my proudest moment in my writing career to date.
11. What advice would you give to other writers of erotica, especially to those that are starting out?
Remain positive and find author groups for support. Romance authors are the greatest people- full of information and always ready to assist. Barter skills for promoting and get your name out there.

12. Where can your books be purchased, and if you have a website, blog, or networking sites where people can follow you and your work?
Thank you so much, I had a great time interviewing you.

Excerpt from His Holiday Seduction
Hunter started unbuttoning Dani's blouse. The soft pink fabric was smooth and barely covered the fact she was wearing a dark bra beneath. His fingers fumbled with the buttons until she interceded and took control. Within seconds she had all the buttons undone, revealing a lacy black bra against her soft skin. Incredible came to mind when thinking of her breasts. Hunter was awestruck by the ampleness of her bosom. He'd fantasized about cupping them with his hands and sucking them with his mouth for months.
When she finished with her blouse, she lowered her hands to his waistband and undid his belt with his jeans zipper and button following. His hands slid over her breasts, finding their way around her and unclasping her bra. The confines of her bra opening, her breasts released in glory. His hands greedily began cupping until his fingers found the nipples. His fingers tweaked and twisted the hard tip causing an eruption in her throat.
“Oh God Hunter. Don't stop.” Her hands slid in between his jeans, cupping his ass.
He knew she was hot and ready but he wanted to increase the anticipation and bring her to the height of arousal before he finally made love to her.
“Take your pants off.” Hunter told her.
She kissed him passionately, removing her hands from his body and started unzipping her pants. She slid them over her full hips as Hunter slid his hands over her waist, enjoying the curves. She stepped out of her pants as his fingers eased between her skin and the thong. His fingers hooked the fabric and slowly started lowering them. Her hands went back to trying to remove his jeans.
“Let me,” he said, parting their lips. He leaned down and took his jeans off while Dani finished removing her thong. She stood before him naked and Hunter released a sigh. “Damn, you are sexy.”
Dani blushed. “Let me see you.” Dani arched her neck back to kiss him. “I want to make love to you now.”
“And you will,” he replied kissing her back. He stepped away, removing his tee-shirt, revealing muscular biceps and a toned upper body.
“Mmm,” Dani murmured, laying one hand on his torso and caressing his muscles.
Hunter quickly removed his underwear, tossing them aside as Dani approached him causing him to fall back onto the recliner. She hoisted one leg up and straddled him, settling onto his lap. His cock was hard and Dani carefully arranged her body to hover over the stiff member. With one hand, she stroked his prick, allowing the tip to flutter against her moist pussy.
Hunter moaned, placing his hands on her waist.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: 09/25/11 Service With A Smile.

Hey people, this here is one of my most happiest moments of writing Six Sentence Sunday. This story "Service With A Smile" will pertain to the real events of my now former job.

As I wonder what is the fate of my employment since the place was sold out to a new owner, I say what the hell. I'm going to write something. And sometimes when the chips are down, you could use a good laugh to forget about your losses.

Your's Truly,
Ray Sostre.

John was finishing his paperwork when an elderly man came to the front desk to do a check-out. The elderly man seemed irritable from the lack of sleep, but was calm upon checking out. John gave the elderly man his attention as he took the key card from the him.

"Did you sleep well sir?" John asked.

"No," said the man who spoke with a Chicagoan accent. "I'd like to complain about the people next door. Some woman kept me up all night, dreaming about this candy bar."

"Candy bar?" as he processed the check-out, printing out his receipt.

"Yeah, at two in the morning, she kept saying... Oh Henry... Oh Henry... Oh Henry!"

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 9/18/11: Their First Night Together (teaser)

Hey thank you all for the feedback of my first eBook: Their First Night Together. If you haven't read it then you need to download it, and brace yourself, it's blazin'!

Download for FREE at Smashwords:

Here is a teaser of what the story holds for Six Sentence Sunday:

The song landed a perfect opportunity for each other. All these formalities between them was bullshit. They knew what the get-together was for; a weekend of pure, unadulterated sex; eyes closed, lips locked, and their satisfactions guaranteed.
“Natalia, I want you,” he whispered in her ear as he raised up her skirt to cop a feel of her legs and ass.
“Me too,” she whispered, kissing him around his neck. She asked breathlessly, “Jared, where do you want to do it, on the couch or in the bedroom?”
“I don’t care,” he replied. “We have the whole night to ourselves, remember?”
“Better yet the weekend. I’m so glad to have you here.”
“I’m so glad to be with you. We have a three-day weekend… of –“
She displayed a sensuous look of hunger, “Pure…hot… fucking sex.”
He grinned at her, replying, “Oh, I love it when you talk dirty.”


Ray Sostre

Monday, September 12, 2011

eBook Release on 9/16: Their First Niight Together by Ray Sostre - FREE Read

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for following my snippets on the AfterDark World for Six Sentence Sunday. I would like to announce that on September 16th I will be giving away FREE copies to anyone interested reading my FIRST eBook,
Their First Night Together.

Here is the synopsis: Jared and Natalia were good friends in the summer of 1991, until Natalia moved away to go to college. Eight years later, they reunite to express their desire for each other, wondering what would their first night be like together?

Word Count: 6400 words.

Anyone interested, please email to and type in under the subject: "Free eBook Request"

Book Release Date: September 16th, 2011.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: 9/11/11 - Service With A Smile

Here is a snippet from a WIP book "Service With A Smile".
This book will be an anthology written by me, describing the real events, some tweaked, that goes on at the hotel
during the night shift. Lots of comedy and some steamy, spicy sex scenes


John has seen enough for the night and he was happy to see the time 6:30 AM. Only a half-hour was left as he was relaxing in front of his computer playing a game of Tetris. Things were so quiet at this hour, he could hear someone fart behind closed doors, but the quietness didn't last long until Mrs. Nussmeyer approached the front desk, setting an offensive "Do Not Disturb" sign. It wasn't the hotel's, but the picture was quite obvious why Mrs. Nussmeyer was upset.

"I will never stay at your hotel again!" She quickly shook her head, "This picture is disturbing!"

He tried to hold back his laughter when he saw an animated silhouette picutre; the kind seen in front of the lavratories indicating mens' or ladies' room. This picture was very comical; a female with a strap-on holding down a male submissive to a table. Down below, was a message written in parenthesis.

He tried keeping a straight face when he replied, "Down below says it all... it's disturbing enough."

September 11th, 2011 - Yes Reflect, But Moving On To A Better Tomorrow.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

AfterDark's Interview with Spanking Ms. Cali

Today is an honor to interview an intriguing erotic performer/entrepreneur who not only has some pretty green eyes, but one spanking hot writer. She is the host of her own site Spanking Ms.Cali, Ms. Katarina.

1. What a pleasure to interview you, please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thank you, I’d be happy to.  I am a lifestyle spankee and in a loving domestic discipline with my husband, Heinz.  What I mean by lifestyle is that I don’t just do the spanking for a living, my husband and I live it 24/7, that’s how our household runs. 
Beyond that, I have a degree in psychology, enjoy the outdoors, traveling, and our two dogs.

2. How long have you been involved with the erotic business?

I started my own spanking site three years ago.  About the same time, we started a spanking toy store online. More recently, my husband and I got involved in a venture with about a year and half ago.  Now, this is my full time job.

3. What inspired you to get involve with erotica?

My relationship with my husband is what inspired me, and us, to get involved in these ventures.  The openness, the freeing feeling I feel with my erotic self in regards to spanking was inspiring to bring the message to other individuals, and couples, out there that spanking can be a part of your everyday life.

4. As I ask my authors, I also ask entrepreneurs and erotic performers. How do your friends and family feel
about the business you’re into?

For the most part, people have been cool with it.  They think it’s great that we are making a living out of what we enjoy.  There have been a few that do not appreciate and understand what we’re all about; I feel sad for those people.  But overall, most people have been really open and accepting.

5. As far as your erotic performance, do you normal film just around California or surrounding areas?

A great deal of our filming does take place in California, but not all of it.  We have also filmed in Nevada, Washington, several places along the east coast, and other countries such as England and most recently the Bahamas.  The Spanking Court venture we are involved with is started to travel too; last month, we filmed in Tampa.

6. Tell us about your website Spanking Ms. Cali?

Spanking Ms Cali is a spanking website.  It features a real life couple who live their lives in a loving domestic discipline marriage.  Not all videos on the site are “real discipline sessions”, but we also try to illustrate the fun and erotic side of spanking. 

7. What inspired you to create Spanking Ms. Cali, and how long has it been around?

Basically the message of loving domestic discipline.  The message of the site is that those who are involved in spanking play or relationships, can have a well-rounded and balanced relationship that incorporates spanking into several aspects of life for greatest fulfillment.

8. Not only you’re an entrepreneur and an erotic performer, but you are also a writer, so there are three wonderful things about you that stand out. What genres to you prefer to write?

I love to write!  I wish I had more time to do so.  I love writing about spanking.  Not just spanking stories either.  I also like to write about the psychology of spanking.

9. When you other people’s stories, what are you looking for to keep you interested?  Are you looking for excitement, romance, comedy, or etc.?

I’m looking for a clear picture in whatever I read.  I take pleasure in reading for excitement, romance, comedy, real life experiences….but whatever it is, I look for a story that gives a full illustration without being too short or too long.

10. In the time you have been writing erotic stories, what kind of characters do you always enjoy writing about (Hero/heroine, dom/sub, bad-boy/bad-girl, or etc) ?

So far, I have only written about real life experiences.  But other areas of interest are schoolgirl and erotica, but not necessarily those two together! Ha!

11. At this time do you have any books coming out, or will you be coming out with one in the future?

I do not have any at this time, but have given it some thought.  Ideas I am considering are real life adult domestic discipline spanking experiences and/or lifestyles, as well as psychology and spanking.

12. As a talented individual in the business, also in arts, what kind of advice would give to aspiring artists, writers, or entrepreneurs in the industry?

To be yourself!  Do what feels right for you and what inspires you.  Never try to conform your ideas into someone else’s box.

13 Where do you want to see yourself three to five years from now?

Gosh, that’s always such a hard question for me!  In all honesty, today, I could see myself in a variety of scenarios three to five years from now. 

14. Where can people find you? (i.e. social networks, websites, blogs, etc.)

The best place to find me is on my website,  I can also be found on Twitter, FetLife, SpankingTube and sometimes Facebook.  I also have a great blog going with my husband on for those interested in the loving domesticipline lifestyle.

Thank you so much for the interview. J

My Pleasure!!
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Six Sentence Sunday: 9/4/11 - Their First Night Together (Happy 10th SSS)

Hey what's up everyone. I want to say I'm excited to annonce that I have started a new novella called "Their First Night Together." The story takes place in the late summer of 1999, when Jared and Natlia, who went to high shcool together, met up after eight years since her graduation and spent their very first night together.

This novella will be given out for FREE to anyone that is interested.

This story is a rough copy. It is subject to change. However, have a read at some cunnilingus action. It should be completed by the middle of the month. (Hopefully)

My Six Piece: P.S. - do not call me a clit tease. LMAO. I promise anyone a free book in promotion of my future work.

As he tongued over her clit, he gently inserted his index and middle fingers and instantly felt the juices as it soaked upon entry Natalia let out a soft gasp of pleasure as he gently moved his fingers in and out of her slit, while flicking his tongue around her center.
Her body tightened as she placed her hands over her breast, gently pinching her nipples. She was amazed at how he took his time pleasing her body, giving her a narcotic rush all over herself. No man in her lifetime has ever made her feel good by going down below. Jared was her first.
Natalia’s body was getting this kindled feeling. Her moans were growing heavily as she grinded against his face. Jared could sense the moment she was cumming. He took out his fingers and pressed further into her clit, until she bucked her hips and shudder with an ultimate feeling.
“Oh god! Oh fuck!” she gasped seductively as she arched her back from her orgasm.

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