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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: About the Night Ride Home 8/6/11

Scene inspired by the song, "Be Without You" by Mary J. Blige c. 2005.

Chapter Six, March 18th, 2006

“Come dance with me, I love this slow jam.”
They set aside their drinks on the table and embraced each other as they dance to the slow jam. The two slow danced with tenderness for one another. Darla rested her head over his chest, while Tyler held her back gently, moving with her slowly.
The feeling of his body made her want to melt all over him. She was in comforting arms at each of his steps. Their hips swayed to the matching rhythm of the slow jam as he looked down at her face.
Darla looked up and returned a look; an alluring expression that would get Tyler to inch closer and give her kiss. Their kiss began with a soft, sensual touch that would heat their hearts with desire. One thing lead to another, she wrapped her arms around his neck and drawn him closer. They were soon sinking their tongues in each other’s mouths.
Tyler led her to the wall, and gently pinned her hands over her head. They were deep in their kisses, she didn’t protest when he slid under her dress and sunk his hand down her underwear, placing his finger under through her slit.
Things were about to get hot and heavy as he felt the instant wetness between her slit, until she resisted signaling him to stop.
“Stop… Tyler stop.”
Letting her go, asking, “What… what’s wrong? Did I hurt you or something?”
“No,” she laughed. “I got to pee.”
He sighed in relief, but disappointed for being taken off his momentum.
She gave him one more kiss saying, “Baby, you’re make me feel good, but the kind of wetness is not what you would want in your hand.”

Blurb: When Tyler Jones had an encounter with an alluring, yet adventurous woman named Darla Wright, they spend their nights fulfilled with mischef and rendezvous that will leave the two feeling for each other. When he discovered a shocking secret about Darla, things took a different turn leaving the relationship strained to an unforgivable mistake.
Two years later, they met each other; this time under different circumstances. The two will have to live and work together, while renewing their relationship and feelings for each other. But will their relationship take on a whole new level, or just go around in circles of miscommunication and doubt?
Scenes include: m/f sexual content, exihibition, and very light f/f situations.


  1. very Long Six hahaha it's well written

  2. well written and I like the humour element

  3. LOL- Love the moment of humor...and after this Tyler led her to the wall, and gently pinned her hands over her head, I'm waiting for the wall sex
    Dawne P

  4. Hot and funny and love the pic!

  5. That was cute and sexy, I certainly didn't see that ending coming. Of course, neither did Tyler. Good Six.

  6. Excellent 17 Ray, ahmm I mean 6 ;-)
    Seriously though, it is an excellent piece, erotic and quirky.
    Looking forward to reading it when it's released.

    *bites n kisses*

  7. Very hot Ray. Definitely sexy

  8. I hate when that happens. But when you're drinking liquor invariably you have 'to go'. LOL Fun 'six'.

  9. Excellent six and I want more. Great stuff Ray

  10. That is so cool, very engaging and funny. I loved it.

  11. First of all, I love that picture! Very hot! Second, LMAO. What a way to almost ruin a moment. I'm glad she only had to go pee. Great six! I want more!

  12. Yes, the sentence count went beyond six, but it was written with heated passion. Love your background to your site!

  13. hehehe... cheater! That's a bit more than six... but all good!!