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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: 8/28/2011 - About The Night Ride Home. (The Final Chapter)

Hey everyone, I would like to thank everyone for their enjoyment of my Six Sentence Sunday. I want to bring you the very final SSS peice from Chapter Seven of the e-novel, and I may have a decision whether to go with a publisher or not, once the final version has been completed.

I bring to you the final Six Sentence to the story "About The Night Ride Home" There will be many more SSS, but in regards to other stories

Chapter Seven, March 21st, 2006.

“Really?” as he gave a short sigh of relief, asking, “Why didn’t you tell me how you felt?”
“Well, I wasn’t sure how you felt about me.”
He knew she was bullshitting him, but he wasn’t going to bust her chops over it. Then he thought it over what she told hime two Saturdays ago and confessed, “Well a couple of Saturdays ago, you didn’t have a problem telling me how you felt about me.”
She gave a surprised expression and tapped him in the arm, “Oh you knew, you shithead.”
“Yeah I knew. You were drunk, but I was hoping you would tell me when you were sober.”
“So I didn’t butcher up my song.”
“Nope,” as he smiled, shaking his head. “But I’ll want to ask you this… Darla will you be my girlfriend?”
She answered in a cute childish game of yes, “Only if you’re willing to be my boyfriend.”
Tyler laughed when she gave him a smile; he knew what she meant. As he attempted to move over to kiss her, there was a person with headphones and a heavy-set black man, who witnessed the conversation, standing in the way.
“Excuse me,” Tyler told the guy in the headphones.
The man with the headphones didn’t respond. He was too busy listening to the music on his iPod. The heavy-set black man tapped him on his shoulder, signalling the man with the headphones to move aside. Finally, the man with the headphones realized that Tyler was trying to get through and he moved away apologizing.
As Tyler passed through, he looked up to heavy-set black man and said, “Thanks.”
“No problem. That’s your woman dawg; go handle it.”


  1. I love it Ray. It really is an excellent story.

  2. Very very nice Ray.
    Great ending to a great story, you should be pleased with yourself.

    *bites n kisses*

  3. Brilliant, really well written. I enjoyed it.

  4. The ending? No Ray...we must have more...please, I am willing to beg- great 6- lol
    Dawne P

  5. Very well written Ray. I really liked it

  6. Love the interplay and description of the secondary characters here. Nicely done. Why is this the end? Sounds like just a beginning to me. Want more!

  7. Very nice Six, Ray. Always leave them wanting a bit more :)

  8. It certainly leaves you wanting more. Will there be a second book? Great Six!

  9. And they call ME a tease! Well done, Ray!

  10. Love the six Ray. Thx for visiting Michaels also!

  11. Love this excerpt, especially the dialogue.

  12. This has some insighful dialogue! Your cover is super sexy, too!