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Thursday, August 25, 2011

AfterDark's Interview with Breanne Erickson

Actress, Jamie Luner quoted: You can sleep with a blond, you can sleep with a brunette, but you’ll never get any sleep with a redhead!

She was right and I don’t regret losing sleep from a talented redhead like Breanne Erickson.  AfterDark Online is happy to interview, not just only an exciting redhead, but a very talented author of BDSM erotic stories. Breanne Erickson, where others may have known her as a confessed NHPS, will be sharing a bit about herself.

1. Hi, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to interview you. Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure!  Let’s see.  I guess I should start with the physical stuff first.  My birthday is March 1st, 1986.  I’m five foot four and a quarter.  When you’re that short a quarter inch is VERY important, especially when most of your friends are closer to six feet tall!  I’m sort of willowy, I have a pretty bad farmer’s tan and I’m shamed to admit it, but my red hair comes from a bottle and not anything genetic.  In reality I have sort of a mousy brown color.

On the surface I’m a typical south Texas cowgirl.  My normal attire is boots, blue jeans or shorts, a tee shirt, and I even have a cowboy hat!  My parents own a twelve hundred acre farm/ranch and we grow soy, cotton, and corn as well as maintain a small herd of cattle, along with some pigs, horses, chickens, goats, and somewhere out there is a stupid emu I can’t catch.  My dad wanted to try emus and bought one from a friend to see how it would work out.  Brilliant plan.

Generally I’m pretty positive, though I’ve been known to get moody and sarcastic under certain circumstances.  I laugh a lot, cry at the drop of a hat (especially at movies), and enjoy jokes and pranks.  I like to cook (ask me sometime about my Mediterranean Chicken!), ride horses, and I play the piano.  I also give incredible massages. I’m a graduate of the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.  I don’t smoke, drink much (I haven’t been drunk since my sophomore year in college!), or do drugs.  I admit, that’s all good, but I’m not sure I’m role model material!

Sexually, I’m a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut, which is admittedly a mouthful.  I used to think something was physically wrong with me, but I’ve been told often enough that there isn’t.  I’ve even talked to a doctor and to a priest.  Boy, THOSE were interesting conversations.  The nympho part describes a girl who wants sex all the time.  That’s me.  It’s a rare moment when I DON’T want it, which I’ve been told is a bit strange.  I’ve been a sexual submissive since I was 15 years old and admittedly am a bit masochistic, but only sexually.  Don’t think you can come over and break my arm and I’ll enjoy it.

2. How long have you been writing erotic stories, and when did you know that writing this genre was for you? Did it come to you naturally, or was it something that has held your interest?

I wrote my first erotic story really early, like in 1999 or so.  I was REALLY young.  But I really didn’t think about writing for real until 2009.  Michael Alexander asked me to blog for his website and he taught me a lot of the little things that makes a writer successful.  I was interested in it.  But I think the key to being able to write, is having something to write about!

3. Now understandably, you are a self-described Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut. Could you give the readers a little bit more information about you? Do you do erotic performances on top of your writing or something else?

Over the years I’ve done a lot of different things.  Back when I was in college I was regularly doing cam and microphone stuff over the computer, which frequently got me into trouble.  Kari about killed me when one of my “fans” showed up at the doorstep and we had to call the police.  But while I’ve been PUT on a stage before, I’ve never been employed doing erotic performances or stuff like that.  Mostly it’s because it embarrasses me.  An erotic dancer who blushes every time she takes off most of her clothes seems kind of odd.  For me though… the part of being a nympho humiliation pain slut that is most intense, is the humiliation part.  I get terribly embarrassed when I’m out in public, dressed like a slut, or required to do specific things.  That embarrassment makes gets me terribly aroused though.

4. In your stories, I have read that you are given assignments. The assignments that you are given are they actually true assignments, or just something inclusive to give to the readers about being an NHPS?

The assignments I do are all real and I try very very hard not to make things up.  That said, I write from memory and you know how THAT goes.  Sometimes my memory is fuzzy and I have to guess at what happened.  I change all the names and try to disguise some of the locations so I don’t get sued or anything.  Actually, I get a lot of fans submitting assignments that are completely crazy and I have to email them back and say “okay… now… as cool as this would be… I really CAN’T give three hundred guys blowjobs in eight hours.”  That would give me a little over one minute to get things done per guy.   I ended up having to add “logistically possible” to my limits!  Weird, huh? 

When I first started writing, Michael called me up and said something along the lines of “you need to take out the boring stuff.”  Now when I write out a “tale”, I eliminate all the superfluous stuff.  Michael taught me that it’s boring to get all the silly details – like viewing an hour long bondage film where twenty minutes of it is watching the girl get put in cuffs.  That’s not erotic.  It’s boring.  So I take out some of the planning, security details (like having a friend along), even putting a condom on a guy, or when I call Becca or Kari and let them know “hey, I’m going to be at…”  The goal of my writing is to arouse my readers.  A step by step detailed recounting of what happened would be dry, boring, and awful to read. Think of it as creative editing. Yes, it all happened, but I rely on my memory of what happened and I clean it up so the readers don’t go to sleep, or worse… go away.

5. How do your friends and family feel about your work?

Well, my friends love it.  But since all of my friends are involved in one way or another, that makes sense.  Friends with benefits I guess?   Only one family member knows about my writing and… uh… my muse, and that is an uncomfortable subject, but we’re working on it.

6. What other books have you written?

I’m not sure they count as books, but in the Free Story Archive at Michael Alexander Stories, I have “Riding the Wooden Horse” which is a novella length story, and “Breaking My Record”, which is another novella length story.  They’re available for free.  I also post regular “assignments to Michael Alexander’s BDSM Blog.  They actually are the fodder for the “Tales of a NHPS” series.  So if you’ve read Volumes 1 and 2, and are desperate for more, keep an eye on the blog!

7. In a short synopsis, tell us about your book? (Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Slut)

“Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut” is the collection of assignments that I wrote for Michael Alexander’s BDSM Blog.  It’s a gradual exploration of sexual deviance by a girl who can’t seem to get enough.  It’s starts off easy, with the assignments short, sweet, and rather tame.  But I have a tendency to take things to the edge and it wasn’t long before the few paragraphs fit for a blog turned into short story length “tales”.  Some are sexy, some are sweet, some are funny, some are painful.  But no matter which “tale” you read in the book, it’s a little bit of me.

8. What inspired you to write your book?

Honestly, my assignments being a book came as a big surprise.  My boss, Michael Alexander, called me up one day and asked me if he could put my assignments together in book form.  I said sure and about two months later it was up at  Then Volume 2 came out within thirty more days.  That was pretty cool.  He arranged cover art and even edited the “tales” so that I didn’t look stupid.  It would have been cool to have them in print form as well as electronic, but then again, who would want to be seen reading “Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut” in public? LOL!

9. Do you have any further projects coming up?

Well, I’m still writing up my assignments for the blog, but I’ve also been working on some real erotic fiction.  I’ve got a sort of sequel to “The Hanging” which is a short story published in the VIP Lounge of Michael Alexander Stories, but it’s still just an idea, rather than a work in progress.  Right now it’s summer and I’ve been really busy around the farm. Winter is SO much easier to write in.

The other thing we have in the works is more volumes of “Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut.” Right now there are two volumes, but Volume 3 is already together and is being edited and illustrated and all of the contents of Volume 4 (and even a good portion of Volume 5) are already written. They just need to be collated and edited.  The planned release date for Volume 3 is for early December.  Not sure when Volume 4 will come out though.

10. When you are reading other people’s stories, what are looking for to keep you interested? Are you looking for excitement, romance, comedy, etc.?

Personally, I like emotion.  A lot of erotica writers put a lot of action and dialog in their writing, which is good because that moves the plot.  But I like it when I’m told how the characters feel.  I want them to cry, to laugh, to hurt, to snap, to love and to dream.  Then I really like authors who either raise the sexual tension gradually through the story, or in longer stories, who break things up into chapters, each with their own plot and resolution before moving on.  Michael Alexander does that with his longer works, which is why I was attracted to his writing years ago.

11. As far as the character you write is obvious, however, are there other characters that you enjoy writing about?

I don’t know.  What a cool question!  I have a bad habit of writing myself into the few fiction stories I’ve written.  I wouldn’t mind stealing some of Michael Alexander’s characters, but that might get confusing.  Maybe I should try some fan fiction some time.  I got to watch Disney’s “Tangled” a few nights ago on Netflix and had some VERY naughty ideas of what COULD have happened before Rapunzel’s hair got cut off! 

12. How do you keep your ideas fresh from other stories, when you’re creating a scene?

It helps to actually try out what you’re going to write about of course.  But as far as the few fiction stories I’ve written, well my fantasies provide fodder, and I like reading other people’s erotica.  It all sort of percolates in my brain and eventually I get ideas.  For the “Tales”, real life is my muse.  For fiction… well, I have a pretty dark side and if I write more fictional stuff it will have to go in to the Skeleton Closet in the VIP Lounge because it’s so dark.

13. What kind of advice would you give to other writers of erotica, especially to those who are starting out?

Well, I can tell you what Michael told me.  Remember who your audience is and the purpose of your writing.  In erotica, never use the adjectives “harder” or “faster”.  But most importantly, for any author, you have to remember that writing a story is like making a movie, except when writing, the author has to be the director, the script writer, the set designer, the costume maker, the gaffer, the prop manager, the actors, all of it.  The camera lens is the author’s written word and it means the author has to describe the set, the costumes, the characters, the props.  An author just can’t sit in the director’s chair and tell the actors where to go and what to say.  A movie without costumes, without a set, without correct lighting is awful.  Writing is like that.  Don’t make a great story.  Make a great MOVIE with WORDS. 

14. Where can your books be purchased? Also, do you a website, blog, or social networking sites where they can follow you and your work?

You can purchase “Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Volumes 1 and 2” at (  Recent “Tales” are posted at Michael Alexander’s BDSM Blog ( and a full archive of my “tales” as well as several other copies of my work are at our website “Michael Alexander Stories” (  We look forward to seeing you there!

EXCERPT from Tales of a NHPS Vol 2 - The Rule To Orgasm:

So we went off the path behind some rather thick bushes.  We agreed I’d suck him off first so I got on my knees while he leaned back against the tree.  It was a quick cum. I guess he doesn’t get blown that often.

And then I stripped for him, right down to nothing.  The sun felt amazing on my skin as did the cool breeze.  The vibroballs remote was going full blast and I lay down in the grass and handed him my ruler.  I took just a moment to put those blasted clamps on my pussy and then spread my legs as wide as possible, tilted my hips, and presented the best target I possible could.

I forget how many strokes it took. I know it was more than twenty though, cause I lost count around fifteen and there were a lot after that.  But each hit was met with a thrust of my hips, my swollen clit begging to be smacked, and my teeth clenched in painful ecstasy.  I actually ripped grass out of the ground.  And then I came.   I had to put my hand between my legs to keep him from hitting me again as I orgasmed. 

“Please? Please can I fuck you?”  He begged me.  I nodded and spread my legs wider.

I didn’t cum.  But he did.  A little spurt was all, nothing major, but evidently smacking me like that had gotten him hard again.  It was a quick fuck.  A roll in the hay.  Then he rolled off me and got his pants back on.  I did the same.

And so that made six.  Six orgasms induced by direct impact on certain tender bits.  I admit, by this time I was pretty sore.  I headed home and only managed to do two more before bed, one of which was in the dark outside right before I headed in to shower.  Each time it was just a bit harder to cum.


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