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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 07/31/2011

About the Night Ride Home  Chapter 3- May 17th, 2004. 

He sat down and turned on the television. The show CSI: Miami began was rolling its beginning credits. He looked behind his shoulder and saw Alicia going into the liquor cabinet. She poured two glasses of Scotch and brought them over, so she could join him and watch the show together.

“Thanks” as he took the glass from her hand and sipped.

 “I can’t believe I have someone who love watching this show with me.”

“Me too; I like CSI Las Vegas more.”

“Me too.”

When the show returned from the commercial break the two sat together. Tyler was sitting in the middle sipping on his drink. Alicia sat beside him with her legs curled under her in a sexy pose. She leaned her head over his shoulder, as she admired the smell of his cologne; it was stimulating. The cologne he wore was so scrumptious, in addition to feeling tipsy, she just wanted to peel off his clothes and lose control all over him.

Tyler was tipsy as well and turned on, but he was trying to be modest on making his move. To let his influence take over, he took another drink and wrapped his hand around her waist. The two didn’t bother much to pay attention to the show; they kissed instead.


  1. The power of a woman to make a man forget a TV show- damn, gotta love her for that
    Dawne P

  2. Oh, this is soo hot. I love it when it is slow and seductive like this.

  3. Love the smell of cologne on men, good to see you put it in a story babe.

    *bites n kisses*

  4. A prelude to so much more. Fun to read!

  5. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. nice interactions going on a natural feeling to the set up. Fab snippet

  7. Super fun snippet, nice nice work!