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Sunday, July 31, 2011

AfterDark's Interview with Marabelle Blue of Kink-E Magazine

Today is an honor to post an interview about one of the most interesting people of the erotic industry. Marabelle Blue of Kink-E Magazine; an artist, writer, entrepreneur, and internet radio show host as she gives one great interview about herself, her online magazine, and the fethish world that her magazine is surrounded by.

1.  Hi Marabelle Blue, thank you for doing this interview. Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I own a magazine, that focuses on Fetish, Alternative Lifestyles and much more. I'm a single woman, living in NYC all of my life. A little bit of well traveled but not out of the country, yet. ;-)

2.  How long have you been involved with the erotic business?

I was on and off for the last seven years but the last three years I have thrown myself in full fledged. I love it! It's a great business and I've met some very interesting people. This business is teaching me how to weed out the people that are just in it for the money. Don't get me wrong, I like making money, however, I have a love for writing and the erotic/fetish lifestyle that people live, including myself.  

3. As I understood that MarabelleBlue is an alias name. What was the origin of the screen name?

Ahhh Marabelle Blue. She actually came from a character in a book I read many years ago. At that time in my life, I had broken up with my ex after a very long term relationship with him. Since I was so accustomed to being with him and the way our life was, I found myself lost and not sure who I was. After reading this book and this character, (and she was a small character in the book), there was something about her that made me project the kind of woman I wanted to be. Other than the name being beautiful itself, I had a vision of me where I can almost touch who that person was. It took a lot of time, mediation and acceptance of myself to become the woman I am today.  Change happens when I allowed it to happen, it just doesn’t come because I want it to, if that makes any sense.

4.  As I ask my authors, I also ask my entrepreneurs. How do your friends and family feel about the business you’re into?

I don’t necessarily discuss it with my father because he’s very much old school but he’s clearly aware I own a magazine and that I sell fetish toys but that’s as far as it goes for him. My mom is a little different. I can tell her I was at a swinger’s party and describe people having sex and she just gets a gas out of the whole thing.  My extended family knows but I don’t elaborate unless they ask. Other than that I never felt they judged me because of it, I think it’s more of the fact I own my own business is a positive thing.

5. Tell us about your website Kink-E Magazine?

Kink~E Magazine was embodied through my own personal experiences. A magazine developed by a woman for women.  I had a vision but at times when you have a vision it doesn’t play out exactly how you want in the beginning, at least for me that’s how it happened.  After some time and experience, I defined what I wanted my magazine to be, what information it will entail.  The primary focus is fetish and fetishism, the lifestyle, how people live it and respect the lifestyle. 

One has to know and understand the lifestyle.  I have had many people mimic my magazine but the fact of the matter is I have something that no one else really has or owns. It’s about a voice, experience and being your true self. Once a person has embodied that they can convey that message to others and in turn get something out of what they offer to the same like minded individuals. I truly appreciate those that I meet every day in this lifestyle.  We have expanded the magazine to alternative lifestyles, which include swinging, homosexuality, music and social/political issues  We’ve got you covered :-)

I can’t forget my Partner and Creative Director Felix Latexx. He has been such an asset since he’s come on board last year.  I’m pleased with the work he’s done since he’s joined the magazine.

6. What inspired you to come out with Kink-E Magazine, and how long has Kink E-Magazine been around?

Kink~E Magazine has been around for the last eight years but the original concept was created ten years ago.  It just took me a while to get everything in order before it became live.  The smart thing in business is not put anything up that’s incomplete.  It was basically two years of research and soul searching. After I felt I had done enough homework, I came out with Kink~E Magazine.  I wanted the name Kink in there because it was a reflection of what people defied, especially here in America  The E stands for Erotica.  It’s almost contradictory because Erotica is so accepted but Kink isn’t, when people don’t realize that both work hand in hand.

7. While much of your events that you host are around the New York Area, are there other places where you hold events?

Other than NYC not yet, would love to do Vegas first!
8. Where do you want to see your website three to five years from now?

I want to see it on TMZ…LOL but seriously, I want the whole world to know that this is the magazine where fetish people can be featured, where the alternative lifestyle people can talk about their lives, where we can continue featuring underground music and musicians.  I want it to continue to be the number one place people can rely on to get their information on fetish, sex and alternative living and most importantly entertainment! We have come a long way and we’ve got a great writing team on board.

9.  I understand that you are a writer, what genres do you basically write?

I write editorials, which basically is the “opinion” piece of the magazine. I love to write features and interviews, my best writing comes in the form of erotic stories which was an early passion of mine since the 8th grade (yes I was a young aspiring writer/reader of erotica).

10. When you read other people’s stories, what are you looking for to keep you interested? Are you looking for the excitement, romance, comedy, or etc?

I like the excitement! I want to read a scenario first…give me a scene so I can put myself in that time frame.  Character description is always great, but the tension of the story is what gets me because I know what is going to happen, I know the story is going to end in a great orgasm but like in real life, the beginning  and the middle is the foreplay…so it must be good!

11. In the time that you have been writing erotic stories, what kind of characters do you always enjoy writing about? (the hero/heroine, dom/sub, or etc?)

Believe it or not the sub but the Dom being the man and how he takes control of the “situation”, being the play and the sex.  There are certain things that may or may not pertain to me and my own personal lifestyle but I will keep the mystery on that one.

12. Do you have any books that are about to be published at this time, or any plans on coming out with one?

I’m actually in the process of writing an erotic short story type trilogy about woman who had had several affairs with married men and how it changed her life. It’s a true life story and I’m honored that this woman has approached me to write part of her life story. I’m hoping to have it out in late September or just in time for Halloween.

13. As a talented individual involved in writing, arts, media, and entrepreneurship, what kind of advice could you give to aspiring artists/entrepreneurs in the erotic business?

The one sound advice I can give is know your business, feel good about what you are doing and be confident about your product. There are so many people out there aspiring to do the same thing but not everyone has that “it” factor.  Sad to say that’s what this society of today lives on, other than once you have “it” you have to keep it interesting at all times.  That’s why I feel blessed to have this magazine because it’s not a magazine that I only write, it is a compilation of writers who have different opinions and different stories.  It’s just as my motto on the site, “There are a Million Stories in this Naked City….”

Part two of my advice, never let anyone put you down. If someone really wants to help you they will.  There’s always someone waiting in the wings to give you unsolicited advice.  When people know that you have a good product they try to alter what it is that you have. Never listen to people like that. Those are the possible thieves waiting to steal your idea!

14. Where can people follow you (i.e. social network sites, websites, blogs, etc.)?

You can find us at
Our social networks (we’ve got plenty)

15. Also where can people listen to your radio show and the times you broadcast?

We’re on and you’re able to listen to our past shows as well.  We’re on Thursdays at 10PM next show date to be announced.

Thanks Ray so much for giving me this opportunity.


  1. Ray & Marrabelle Blue, thank you both for a great interview.
    I've followed Kink E-magazine on twitter for a while now, been to the site and was quite impressed as well.
    I've just started following Marrabelle as well so I look forward to the updates from you!
    If you happen to be on Fb, look me up on Ray's friends list will you? I spend most of my free time, which is not as much as I'd like lol, on fb and in a number of groups. Best place to find me is there.
    I'm interested in seeing some of your erotic writing soon!

    Mistress Gina

  2. Great Q&A session... I love it!


  3. Mistress Gina, I may have you on my list I think I received a friend request from you :-) Thank you so much for following my magazine. There's a lot more coming. I'm looking forward to unveiling our new projects.