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Friday, June 10, 2011

Been Busy Lately

Well since May 22nd I have been hanging out alot on Facebook at a particular group Naughty Romance Writers. I really love the group and for the time of being there, I have learn alot from the writers on the group. On May 25th, I submitted my very first ebook story to an anthology and I'm waiting to be either accepted or rejected. I don't know, but I never knew waiting for a response would take so long.

Since the 1st of June I have been busy with several story submissions and profile updates. I got to work with Michael Alexander and Breanne Erickson, two very talented writers of the BDSM genre. I want to say it's been a pleasure to have these two submit their stories to my site.

I would recommend their website: ; it is very hot!

Well I am trying to finish two stories; my main one "About The Night Ride Home" and another story to a menage anthology.

Well anyways, Happy Freaky Friday!

I'll see you around. *MUAHs* & ^5's

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