Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Night Ride Home, Part One

He steps on the light rail train; late at night, exhausted from a long hard day at work. The light rail car is empty, with only a few passengers on board. He takes his seat and unwinds. Across from him sits a woman he rides with on a semi-regular basis, but hardly paid any attention to her. But tonight is different, and for the first time he takes notice of her when she smiles and says hi to him. This ride home will make him feel like he woke up on the wrong side of bed, with the experience of having strange days.

Normally, she dresses business casual when she rides home, but tonight she is dressed a little spunkier; wearing a brown border-print dress, a denim jacket, a small black velvet choker, and knee-high black boots. Just looking at her legs has given him imaginative thoughts of her. He can’t help noticing how beautiful her hair is; a nice long layered style with a shining glow. He has noticed her hazel eyes, but her lip gloss is so mouth-watering, he can only imagine what she tastes like when he kisses her. All the thoughts have made him feel very hard, but he suddenly snaps back to reality, thinking that there is no way he would have a chance with her.

Midway to the next stop, she rises from her seat and sits next to him. She turns to him and whispers, “Come get off with me at the next stop.” He couldn’t believe what he just heard. Even the wonderful smell of her perfume is hypnotizing; he has fallen under her spell of command. As the light rail approaches the next stop, she grabs him by his hand, and they exit to the platform. He tries to play his cards right, by not saying anything that wouldn’t kill the moment.

The two exit the station, and walk two blocks to a Victorian home. They climb a few steps to the porch. At the second they enter the home and close the door behind them, she pins him to the wall and kisses. She wraps her arms around him, caressing his hair wildly. Some way through the darkness, she flips the switch and the living room is illuminated. She leads him into the living room, over a three-seated couch. Once there, he takes over the sexual actions. He grabs her and kisses her hungrily. Then, he shoves her to the couch, as he kneels down, raising her skirt over her waistline, and props her legs over his shoulders, as he rips apart her lacy underwear.

He pauses, as gets a good whiff of her sex. The aroma of her lightly-shaven pussy sends him a stimulation. He dives in; sinking his face deep in her pussy. She gasps, as she places her hand on the back of his head, shoving him deep in her pussy. After a few minutes of munching on her, he pauses to get a breath of air, and goes back to eating her out. All her wetness has soaked his mouth and chin, so she pulls him by his shirt; to taste herself with a very hot kiss.

While they are kissing, she reaches down his pants and feels his bulging hard cock.
She can’t wait to feel him inside her. So she slightly pushes him back, and looks at him with sinisterly look, as she rips his dress shirt apart, causing the buttons to fly out all over the couch and floor. She forces him onto her and they make out.

He unbuttons his pants and drops them to his ankles. She pulls down his shorts, as she waits and watches him sink his cock inside her. The two let out a hard gasp of enthusiasm. She sinks her fingernails over his shoulders, as he grabs hold of her legs; cramming her body while he aggressively pumps her.

Within a matter of minutes they are glistened with sweat; giving each other the eye contact. He pounds into her rapidly, as she moans louder. Suddenly, out of the blue, she places her hand over his neck and pulls him towards her, as she bites his shoulder; imagining as if she’s a vampire siring him. He becomes so turned on by her biting, he places his hand over her head and grinds in her balls deep. His body hovers over her face, while he strokes her. She notices his nipple ring, and plays with it gently with her tongue.

His cock throbs, as her moans grow louder. The feeling of her tongue dangling on his nipple ring sends him triggering sensations to man-handle her sexually. Once she climaxes, he cums in her profusely, giving off hard shudders and panting. The two are glistening in sweat, as they ravaged each other’s mouths with hot kisses. So thrilled that they had this encounter, he pins her body on the couch, and gives her a few more thrusts into her. Afterwards, they stop to catch their breaths.

He gets off her, and like a gentleman, he offers her a box of tissues that were on the coffee table, so she may clean herself. She takes the box of tissues, and cleans herself off. He puts on his pants and straightens out his now wrinkled shirt, with several buttons missing. She rises from the couch to finish cleaning herself.
She walks to the kitchen, where there is a trash can, and dumps the refuse. She picks up any remaining items on the floor, like the loose buttons and her torn underwear and drops it in her purse. She walks to him and kisses him hungrily. As they pause, he takes a quick look around of her Victorian home.

He compliments, “You have such a wonderful place!”

She smiles and replies, “Thanks, but I don’t live here.”

Thunderstrucked, he opens his eyes, and thought to himself What the hell?

“She’ll be coming home really soon.”


“The owner.”

She reaches in her purse, and pulls her lip gloss. He stands nervous wondering how soon, the owners will be home. He wastes no time to gather his things. She hands him a business card, before he exits.

“Here, call me.”

“I never got your name.”

As she heads out the front door, she answers in the background “Hurry, I hear the owner of the house is married to a police chief!”

He quickly looks at the business card, it reads: To be continued, 555-8013. He immediately puts it away, and bolts out of the Victorian home; barely in time, before the real owners come home.


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