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Friday, March 4, 2011

My very first post - Introduction.

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Ray, I am an erotic writer and the founder/owner of AfterDark Online; an erotic story submission site. Since as far as I can remember I have been a great fan and reader of erotic literature. I have always wanted to return to writing, and write stories that really stimulate a woman/man senses. It wasn't until February 2010, when I was laid off from a company that was bought out by another company, that I decided to write. The hardest thing was that at that time I haven't written anything since 1997; a thirteen-year abscence. Plus, I wasn't sure how long my skills will take to improve since I have been away. Luckily, I remember a few things, and it all started to come back to me from time to time. I won't say that I know everything, just that I'm better than before.

When I established AfterDark Online it was just a hobby. Inspired by nightlife, partying, surveys, sex, casinos, and drinks, also erotica. I established the site in June 2010, but I later decided to make it an erotic story website for authors who are looking for exposure and a voice. AfterDark has been a name that I have carried since the 1990's when I was club DJ for 7 years. (1997 - 2004) It was at the time the name of my production company for making mix CD's, but that went down south. :-P Getting back to the story of AfterDark Online, I was at the time making a voice and when I started the site, I wanted to show other writers that I'm serious with them to submit their stories and I want to create a very risque` environment for gallery posting. So on October 11th, 2010 AfterDark Online was officially launched as a site for erotic story submissions and risque` content. Since it's inception it's been steadily growing.

When I first started writing. The very first story I actually worked on was a story about a man who enjoys a threesome for his birthday. I have not published it on any site, not even AfterDark Online; my official website, because I felt there were gramatical errors to fix, punctuations that need fixing, some details that didn't belong there, and I was more tuned in to write other things, like a new story.

After I wrote a very rough copy of the story, I wrote my official first one in September 2010. A story about internet encounters and how people fall in love sexually and emotionally. The name of the story was Lonely Hearts, it was my first published story and I had real fun writing it. I had so much fun because I was sparking ideas here and there, but I had at that time struggle with grammatical usage and punctuation. So what did I do, I had to self-teach myself since I live in the middle of nowhere. A thirteen-year abscence of writing first made me feel bad, but I had no regrets as to why I gave up writing in the 1990's; we all go through a phase.
When I first submitted to a erotic story submission site, I thought I was okay, but I received a reality check when they told me I was rejected. I tried 3 more times, and it was purely bullshit when the old saying goes, "third time's the charm". It was more like "third time's the curse." It wasn't until I got accepted elsewhere and I have received the best constructive critiques on my story writing. The best part was that I have received constructive critiques from other writers that started out like me, much love to RSVP Erotica. You were the one's who helped me improve myself.

Throughout time I have made progress and a few changes tot he site to make it more appearable. By the beginning of the year; 2011, I was getting new stories submitted to AfterDark Online. I was really amazed everytime someone submitted an erotic story, it was like special delivery to your front door, and you couldn't wait to get to work on that delivery. I didn't care what genre it was, I was happy to review and publhis their work, I even considered brushing up some little gramatical errors, like their spelling; I was just happy.

Today, AfterDark Online is getting some recognition, but at a steady pace, which is what I want. You never want it to bloom too fast, or as I say, "be careful what you wish for", because you never want to be overwhelmed with something you can't handle. On top, I am working on my first eBook novel and I really hope they will publish it, once I have it finished and proof-read.

Much love to everyone... Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter handle: @anarchy0029 or @afterdarkonline

Facebook: AfterDark Online or Ray Sostre


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