Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Night Ride Home, Part One

He steps on the light rail train; late at night, exhausted from a long hard day at work. The light rail car is empty, with only a few passengers on board. He takes his seat and unwinds. Across from him sits a woman he rides with on a semi-regular basis, but hardly paid any attention to her. But tonight is different, and for the first time he takes notice of her when she smiles and says hi to him. This ride home will make him feel like he woke up on the wrong side of bed, with the experience of having strange days.

Normally, she dresses business casual when she rides home, but tonight she is dressed a little spunkier; wearing a brown border-print dress, a denim jacket, a small black velvet choker, and knee-high black boots. Just looking at her legs has given him imaginative thoughts of her. He can’t help noticing how beautiful her hair is; a nice long layered style with a shining glow. He has noticed her hazel eyes, but her lip gloss is so mouth-watering, he can only imagine what she tastes like when he kisses her. All the thoughts have made him feel very hard, but he suddenly snaps back to reality, thinking that there is no way he would have a chance with her.

Midway to the next stop, she rises from her seat and sits next to him. She turns to him and whispers, “Come get off with me at the next stop.” He couldn’t believe what he just heard. Even the wonderful smell of her perfume is hypnotizing; he has fallen under her spell of command. As the light rail approaches the next stop, she grabs him by his hand, and they exit to the platform. He tries to play his cards right, by not saying anything that wouldn’t kill the moment.

The two exit the station, and walk two blocks to a Victorian home. They climb a few steps to the porch. At the second they enter the home and close the door behind them, she pins him to the wall and kisses. She wraps her arms around him, caressing his hair wildly. Some way through the darkness, she flips the switch and the living room is illuminated. She leads him into the living room, over a three-seated couch. Once there, he takes over the sexual actions. He grabs her and kisses her hungrily. Then, he shoves her to the couch, as he kneels down, raising her skirt over her waistline, and props her legs over his shoulders, as he rips apart her lacy underwear.

He pauses, as gets a good whiff of her sex. The aroma of her lightly-shaven pussy sends him a stimulation. He dives in; sinking his face deep in her pussy. She gasps, as she places her hand on the back of his head, shoving him deep in her pussy. After a few minutes of munching on her, he pauses to get a breath of air, and goes back to eating her out. All her wetness has soaked his mouth and chin, so she pulls him by his shirt; to taste herself with a very hot kiss.

While they are kissing, she reaches down his pants and feels his bulging hard cock.
She can’t wait to feel him inside her. So she slightly pushes him back, and looks at him with sinisterly look, as she rips his dress shirt apart, causing the buttons to fly out all over the couch and floor. She forces him onto her and they make out.

He unbuttons his pants and drops them to his ankles. She pulls down his shorts, as she waits and watches him sink his cock inside her. The two let out a hard gasp of enthusiasm. She sinks her fingernails over his shoulders, as he grabs hold of her legs; cramming her body while he aggressively pumps her.

Within a matter of minutes they are glistened with sweat; giving each other the eye contact. He pounds into her rapidly, as she moans louder. Suddenly, out of the blue, she places her hand over his neck and pulls him towards her, as she bites his shoulder; imagining as if she’s a vampire siring him. He becomes so turned on by her biting, he places his hand over her head and grinds in her balls deep. His body hovers over her face, while he strokes her. She notices his nipple ring, and plays with it gently with her tongue.

His cock throbs, as her moans grow louder. The feeling of her tongue dangling on his nipple ring sends him triggering sensations to man-handle her sexually. Once she climaxes, he cums in her profusely, giving off hard shudders and panting. The two are glistening in sweat, as they ravaged each other’s mouths with hot kisses. So thrilled that they had this encounter, he pins her body on the couch, and gives her a few more thrusts into her. Afterwards, they stop to catch their breaths.

He gets off her, and like a gentleman, he offers her a box of tissues that were on the coffee table, so she may clean herself. She takes the box of tissues, and cleans herself off. He puts on his pants and straightens out his now wrinkled shirt, with several buttons missing. She rises from the couch to finish cleaning herself.
She walks to the kitchen, where there is a trash can, and dumps the refuse. She picks up any remaining items on the floor, like the loose buttons and her torn underwear and drops it in her purse. She walks to him and kisses him hungrily. As they pause, he takes a quick look around of her Victorian home.

He compliments, “You have such a wonderful place!”

She smiles and replies, “Thanks, but I don’t live here.”

Thunderstrucked, he opens his eyes, and thought to himself What the hell?

“She’ll be coming home really soon.”


“The owner.”

She reaches in her purse, and pulls her lip gloss. He stands nervous wondering how soon, the owners will be home. He wastes no time to gather his things. She hands him a business card, before he exits.

“Here, call me.”

“I never got your name.”

As she heads out the front door, she answers in the background “Hurry, I hear the owner of the house is married to a police chief!”

He quickly looks at the business card, it reads: To be continued, 555-8013. He immediately puts it away, and bolts out of the Victorian home; barely in time, before the real owners come home.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Booty Appreciation Day!

This is dedicated to the women who have an ass and ain't ashamed to let it show. This is dedicated to all the men who appreciate women with asses, no matter how big it is, god bless the booty! Happy Booty Appriciation Day!

Red Death - My ultimate drink.

Until I left the east coast, Red Death seemed like a foreign name in the area that I live. From Nevada to Salt Lake City, they have never heard of this drink and I don't know why. But to all my bartenders out there allow me to give you the recipe, so you can spread the word.

Red Death
1 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Southern Comfort
1/2 oz. Sloe Gin
1/4 oz. Triple Sec
1/2 oz. Orange Juice
1/4 oz. Rose's Lime Juice
Combine ingredients in a shaker filled with a cup of ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Very simple ingredients to make. So when I come to the bar for that drink, here is the recipe.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

She Is The One (My very first paranormal erotic story)

This is my first paranormal erotic story that I have ever written. I’m not usually a writer of paranormal erotica; while I’m a fan of vampire erotica. I was moved by an author who has submitted several erotic stories to my site AfterDark Online. I decided to write a short vampire erotic story, and I am unsure of creating a sequel, since I intended to create a short vampire story.  However, I was respectively inspired by this song: “Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)” by Pitbull featuring T Pain ©2010; based on the hook lyrics by T-Pain.  I really hope you enjoy.

He steps in the nightclub, making an attractive appearance to everyone alike; those who adore him and those loath him. Everyone takes notice. He is the most handsome man in the club; young boyish looks, dirty blonde hair styled in mousse, piercing green eyes, and a perfect build to make women go orgasmic if they were to see his chest. Every woman that he passes in the nightclub can’t help but to take notice of him, and the men who are with their women can only give snares as the handsome man passes them by. He even appeals to the female bartenders that cross his path, but he disregards them because he is looking for that one particular woman; one in particular that separates from every girl in the nightclub.

As he approaches to the bar to get his drink, several women approach him to either say hi, leave him their phone numbers, or propositioned him to fuck somewhere private. He rejects them in a more candid way, explaining he is waiting for someone. Who? It is unexplained. He even charmed a less confident heavy-set woman into happiness, when he said a few words to her. She displays an expression of disbelief that an attractive man would take the time to talk to her, and hold her hand as he gives a gentle kiss. Once the bartender serves his drink, he gives the bartender a $20 bill and walks away, unconcerned about his change because he signaled the bartender to keep the change.

His drink is a dark red-like color in a decent size shot glass. He walks to the steps of the club and looks around for that particular someone. All the other women that are nearby stare at him. While their men continue to snare at him, with such jealousy and insecurity. Once he finishes his drink, he sets his empty glass at an empty table, and walks through the dance floor to get a better view of a VIP section and takes notice to a group of guys toasting and acting obnoxious. There are four men are in the VIP section toasting and pretending to be a group of ballers, while an attractive woman, with such sex appeal, leans over the rail with her arms folded. She displays an expression of feeling dissatisfied of her obnoxious boyfriend that is toasting in the VIP section.

A young man comes out of the VIP to talk to his girlfriend that is waiting outside the VIP section. He is dressed in a very flamboyant style, and has an ego that is so huge he is a legend in his own mind. He tries to persuade his girlfriend to join the party, but she declines since she doesn’t want to sit with his obnoxious friends. He gets upset and tries to argue with her. Then he becomes belligerent when he pushes away, calling her names and such. The attractive woman goes into tears; she walks away from the VIP section, and has had enough of him. Before she makes her way down the steps, she makes eye contact with him; the most handsome man in the club. She immediately goes into a hypnotic state of ecstasy; caressing her hair down to her cleavage. The man spoke with such a charm that made her feel all wet inside.

“You are a very beautiful woman. Come and dance with me.” He says.

Without any reluctance, she joins the very handsome man and dances with him. The beat is so outgoing, she loosens herself and sways to the beat in a sultry way; kind of like dirty dancing. Not only she is dancing with the most handsome man in the club, she discovers that this man can move and keep in sync; the way he touches her tingles her senses. There is much between these two; they are only moments away from making love on the dance floor, until she is grabbed by the arm from her  immature boyfriend.

“Who the fuck is this asshole you’re dancing with?!” Her boyfriend asked.

She yells in pain, “Ow! Let me go, you’re hurting me!”

“Bitch, get upstairs!” To the handsome man, “She’s mine! She belongs to me! You stay the fuck away from her!”

The handsome man doesn’t react; he remains calm and says, “I don’t see your name written all over her.

Her arrogant boyfriend becomes infuriated, so his friends from the VIP room surround the handsome man. It appears to be that he is going to have his ass brutally kicked in the club, and this fight might turn into a pandemonium. But the handsome man has anticipated something this, and he has some tricks up his sleeves, to deescalate the situation. What the handsome man noticed was his friends didn’t have any women with them, so he uses his ingenious way to break up his clique, and to single out her abrasive boyfriend.

Nearby, is a group of pretty women that are dancing amongst each other, they walk over to the guys that are surrounding this handsome man. They work their womanly charm to dance with them and the plan worked; one by one they forget about jumping the handsome man, and leave the obnoxious boyfriend standing alone. He becomes enraged and tries to throw a punch at the handsome man; he misses when the handsome man dodges the fist throw. He tries to swing another punch with his other fist, but misses again when the handsome man dodges the second time. The third time becomes a curse for the boyfriend, when he tries to swing directly at the handsome man’s face and his punch is immediately caught by the handsome man’s impressive reflexes.

He cries in extreme pain, when the handsome man squeezes the metacarpals of his fist, submitting her obnoxious boyfriend to surrender; he does. The attractive woman stood and watched her boyfriend get humiliated by the very handsome charming man she set her eyes on. She takes off her ring and tosses it at her now ex-boyfriend. The handsome man extends his hand, offering her to leave with him. They leave together, leaving the obnoxious boyfriend to cringe in humiliation.

“Let’s go somewhere private.” He suggested, as he takes her to the rear exit.

She doesn’t resist. The attractive woman lays her trust on him as she can’t wait for what is next. They make their exit from the rear of the club, and enter the alleyway. The alleyway is filled with litter and steam, illuminated with one lamp that hangs over the doorway exit of the club.

A sudden nerve works her up to kiss him. They become affectionate and passionate for each other. When they stop kissing, she looks at him with sex in her eyes and says…

“Take me… Take me here, right now.”

To avoid being seen, he takes her down to the alley next to a parked limo that appears to have no one inside. The chauffer is having a cigarette as he walks down another alleyway. He unzips his pants and drops them. She pulls down her thong and hikes up her night dress, for the handsome guy to hold her legs up and pin her against the wall.

A soft quiet gasp is let out by her, as he slides himself in her. She smiles sensuously as he pumps her passionately. The beast of passion drives through his nerves as he fucks her hard and aggressively. She tries not to be loud, but she can’t help it but to moan.

Suddenly, he grips her by her hair and presses against her when he cums inside her.
She remains in suspension, as she can feel him pumping cum inside her; she closes her eyes in ecstasy. Once he finishes climaxing, he grows out his canines and he sinks his teeth down her neck. The attractive woman’s eyes grow in shock of her mortality, as she feel her life getting suck out of her, but she is spared before she reaches death.

Blood drips down her neck, over to her chest; she is weakened.

Faintly, she asks, “Who are you?”

His fingernails cross his neck, and replies, “I am the man you want to be with. Drink from me, and I promise to let you live a better life than what you had. I promise to love you better than anyone in your life.”

“You promise?”

The handsome man nods, and extends his neck closer to her to drink.

The attractive woman is becoming faded, but she is able to gather a little bit of strength to drink from the handsome man, along with his assistance. Once she gets a taste of his blood, she is given a sense that she is aware of what she’s about to become. But at least, she will be forever appreciated by a man like him.

“Promise me that you will love me better?” She asked.

“Always.” He whispered.

The attractive woman suddenly falls into a coma state and collapse into his arms. The chauffer returns, and tosses the cigarette away and asks…

“Have you found the right one?”

“I believe I have. I’ve searched all over for her, and now I have her in my arms.”

The chauffer points out a remote starter in his hand, to start the car.

“Excellent Sir, where to?”


The chauffer helps the handsome man carry the woman in the limousine. Once she’s in the car, they all enter the limo and drive away from the alley.


Friday, March 4, 2011

My very first post - Introduction.

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Ray, I am an erotic writer and the founder/owner of AfterDark Online; an erotic story submission site. Since as far as I can remember I have been a great fan and reader of erotic literature. I have always wanted to return to writing, and write stories that really stimulate a woman/man senses. It wasn't until February 2010, when I was laid off from a company that was bought out by another company, that I decided to write. The hardest thing was that at that time I haven't written anything since 1997; a thirteen-year abscence. Plus, I wasn't sure how long my skills will take to improve since I have been away. Luckily, I remember a few things, and it all started to come back to me from time to time. I won't say that I know everything, just that I'm better than before.

When I established AfterDark Online it was just a hobby. Inspired by nightlife, partying, surveys, sex, casinos, and drinks, also erotica. I established the site in June 2010, but I later decided to make it an erotic story website for authors who are looking for exposure and a voice. AfterDark has been a name that I have carried since the 1990's when I was club DJ for 7 years. (1997 - 2004) It was at the time the name of my production company for making mix CD's, but that went down south. :-P Getting back to the story of AfterDark Online, I was at the time making a voice and when I started the site, I wanted to show other writers that I'm serious with them to submit their stories and I want to create a very risque` environment for gallery posting. So on October 11th, 2010 AfterDark Online was officially launched as a site for erotic story submissions and risque` content. Since it's inception it's been steadily growing.

When I first started writing. The very first story I actually worked on was a story about a man who enjoys a threesome for his birthday. I have not published it on any site, not even AfterDark Online; my official website, because I felt there were gramatical errors to fix, punctuations that need fixing, some details that didn't belong there, and I was more tuned in to write other things, like a new story.

After I wrote a very rough copy of the story, I wrote my official first one in September 2010. A story about internet encounters and how people fall in love sexually and emotionally. The name of the story was Lonely Hearts, it was my first published story and I had real fun writing it. I had so much fun because I was sparking ideas here and there, but I had at that time struggle with grammatical usage and punctuation. So what did I do, I had to self-teach myself since I live in the middle of nowhere. A thirteen-year abscence of writing first made me feel bad, but I had no regrets as to why I gave up writing in the 1990's; we all go through a phase.
When I first submitted to a erotic story submission site, I thought I was okay, but I received a reality check when they told me I was rejected. I tried 3 more times, and it was purely bullshit when the old saying goes, "third time's the charm". It was more like "third time's the curse." It wasn't until I got accepted elsewhere and I have received the best constructive critiques on my story writing. The best part was that I have received constructive critiques from other writers that started out like me, much love to RSVP Erotica. You were the one's who helped me improve myself.

Throughout time I have made progress and a few changes tot he site to make it more appearable. By the beginning of the year; 2011, I was getting new stories submitted to AfterDark Online. I was really amazed everytime someone submitted an erotic story, it was like special delivery to your front door, and you couldn't wait to get to work on that delivery. I didn't care what genre it was, I was happy to review and publhis their work, I even considered brushing up some little gramatical errors, like their spelling; I was just happy.

Today, AfterDark Online is getting some recognition, but at a steady pace, which is what I want. You never want it to bloom too fast, or as I say, "be careful what you wish for", because you never want to be overwhelmed with something you can't handle. On top, I am working on my first eBook novel and I really hope they will publish it, once I have it finished and proof-read.

Much love to everyone... Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter handle: @anarchy0029 or @afterdarkonline

Facebook: AfterDark Online or Ray Sostre