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Friday, February 24, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/24/2016: Director's Cut

Happy Friday.

This was a fun story picture I'm writing in my story. I was so into it. I had to revise it a few times, because I was over 100 words numerous times.

Anyways, enjoy!

Afina loved being in Rockwell’s arms. His body, his nakedness; damn he felt so good. She kissed him ravenously and trailed her kisses down his chest. Rockwell indicated his enjoyment, when he returned the same endearment by running his fingers through her dark hair. She moved down to his abdomen and began leaving wet kisses over there, and more so she was ready to take him in her mouth, when the director yelled, “Cut!”

“Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!” The director jumps off his chair and walk away. “Take five, everyone.”

Afina blew out a long breath. She was so into Rockwell.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 02/19/2017: When She Gets Home

Happy Sunday. 

I have another erotic snippet to share, thanks to @Sassy_SexxyRain.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter. She posts some very erotic pics, and has definitely inspired me to write some based of them.


He needed her so badly. Wanted her so deeply. He missed the feel of her soft body over his. Oh, how he missed the passionate kisses and the licks she left on his hairy, muscular chest. She was gone for only one day and that drove him mad, filled with worry and a little bit of anger. Damn, when was she going to be home? She promised him to be home really soon.

He waited all day for her return. His love was never this late, but left a text message on his phone telling him that she was going to stay late to finish up her project. Work needed to be done, but the more he waited the crazier he drove. She even told him explicitly to save some energy for tonight as she couldn’t wait to fuck him.

He lied in bed, in the dark, all alone, anxiously waiting for her return. His hand was in his boxer shorts stroking himself, fantasizing over the moment of her arrival. She told him what underwear she was wearing, what she’ll be doing when she come home, and all the dirty thing she couldn’t wait for him to do to her.

And indeed, she promised him well. When she came home, she opened the door of the darkened bedroom. The light from the hallway shone inside the darkened bedroom, as she saw him lying away from her, stroking himself. He was hard and ready for her, masturbating over her return. The sight of him jerking off had already caused a moisture to develop. She loved a man that got himself all hot and bothered about her. She wasted no time getting in bed with him.

She licked her lips as she straddled herself between his face. In response, he pushed aside her thong and savored the delicious sight of her pussy and ass showing before him. In return, she held onto his cock and took in her mouth, while she felt her slit being licked and nibbled. The two were finally back in each other’s arms, but their faces were in different directions.

She grinded her pussy over her face, as she felt his tongue latch on to her clit like a fly stuck to glue, but his tongue moved wonderfully, causing a delicious sensation to grow in her body. She felt his hips buck, as his cock moved in and out of her mouth.

She was determined to make him cum. Even though he wasn’t in her mouth, she wanted to make her mouth feel like one, by the way she glistened his cock with her saliva. She loved the feeling of his hips moving; his thrusts were intense. She only imagined how agonizing it was for him to want to cum her mouth, but he was giving her the same torment.

His hand was over her ass cheeks, swirling his tongue skillfully around her nub that hung below. He loved her response, gyrating herself over his face, while she let out gasps of pleasure, despite having his cock in her mouth. Fuck, she was taking him close over the edge and it was time to share her the same feeling.

His finger made its way to her tight hole and circled around the ring of her asshole. She felt arouse, relaxed and ready to receive his entry. It wasn’t long when he inserted his finger further in her ass, while his tongue worked around her clit. She loved it; he could hear her muffled cries of pleasure increase.

The two shared pleasurable noises together. He was almost at his peak, and so was she. The room was filled with loud noises of pleasure that when he came, his grunts were as loud as her muffled screams of pleasure. They’ve reached a wonderful orgasm together. So hot.

When their orgasms slowed, the two broke away to catch each other’s breaths. It was by far a memorable feeling; definitely worth the wait.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Random Snippets - 02/18/2017: Lena's Long-Awaited Desire

Sexy Saturday greetings. 

It's time to share a snippet for your wonderful enjoyment. 

I haven't written a lesbian erotic snippet in a long time, and it's high time I come up with one in 423 words. This image had really intrigued me to write something saucy, and I want you to enjoy.

Lena and Olivia were face to face together, just posing in front of the camera. Lena tried very hard not to make any sudden moves, but she was tempted by what she was seeing. Olivia’s lips were plump red and juicy for a good kissing. She claimed to be straight, but was really into it when she slipped her hand under her panties. Of course, it was for jus show for the camera, but Olivia playfully patted her ass, laughing and joking, when the cameraman wasn’t shooting.

Lena, in return of her endearment, placed her fingers through Olivia’s hair and now they were face-to-face, just inches from each other.

Her heart beat rapidly. Deep down, she wanted to kiss her. She was turned on, begging for the right moment to come. Olivia’s sensuality was getting to her, and she knew what she was doing to her. Olivia was giving her so many mixed signals, it was driving Lena mad with lust. No woman has ever made her feel so wanton before, and the more she looked into her eyes, while the cameraman shot, the more she wanted to inch closer to kiss her.

The cameraman set his camera down and said, “Take five, ladies. I’ll be right back.”

He walked away, but the two remained close together.

Then she heard Olivia muttered something seductively. “Kiss me.”

“What?” Lena responded with a subtle surprise.

“You want to kiss me, right?”

Fuck, it was all she ever wanted to do, to kiss Olivia’s lips. Take her down on the sofa lick her lips, explore more of her body, open her lingerie and run her hand over her breasts and tease her nipples with her licks, pinches and kisses. Fuck yes, she wanted to push aside her thong and explore her dampen heat. She wanted to ravage her body and make her cum nice and hard. Fuck yes, it was what she really wanted to do. The opportunity to seize is right now.

Then Lena responded with a nod; no verbal response, but yes she wanted to kiss her. She inched closer and pressed her lips against Olivia’s. For the first time, she felt the softness of Olivia’s lips, tasting her essence from her kiss. Immediately, the two opened their mouths and began to explore each other. It was the best thing happening for Lena, and it’s a good thing the cameraman said take five. All they need was just five minutes alone to make out, but more time to have fun. Perhaps, after the shoot.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/17/2017: Andre's Logo Vision

Happy Friday, everyone.

It's time to end a wonderful week with a short flash in 100 words.


Andre was about done with his film production, but what he needed was a model to pose for the name of his production – Coffee Brown Production. He came across the description of his logo to his film partner, Mia, but he needed a model, and having to hire a model required some money. Andre had a good vision to create his production logo, but it wasn’t within his budget. That was when Mia volunteered.

Andre was reluctant, but Mia insisted. She decided to lie on her stomach naked with a cup of coffee sitting on her back and a trail of coffee beans on her back. She was the perfect image.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Considering to Publish About The Night Ride Home

Happy Hump Day. Hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day. I had a cool one, but today I was thinking over, while I was working to finish up my longest novel, about a book I wrote six years ago, but never made the attempt to publish, because I was just learning the industry and learning the ropes of self-publishing. I was looking over a story that I’ve blogged about for some time, About The Night Ride Home, the story about Darla and Tyler.

This story I wrote was something that had been on my mind since 2011. Originally, I wrote this as a short story and the person who first read it told me to expand it. I expanded the story more, and I had went on to complete it in the summer of 2011. However, I never published it, and I began re-working the story, where I lost interest and never got back to it after 2014. This story I wrote was an erotic romance, and one of my favorites I ever written, which I’m so proud of, but never showcased what I’ve done. Although, there were numbers of people who interested to read my story, I never got back to it until today.

While my writing has evolved over the years, About The Night Ride Home is the style of my original work, I write erotic romance and love the story so much. This was a very fun story when I wrote it, and I hope to make it better as I finish re-writing it. I’ve put this on hold for so long it’s time to get it done and have it published.

This story I wrote is what really jump-started my career as an author, before I wrote the story I was writing short erotic stories for story submissions. It took me six months to complete at that time, but I never expected to take six years to publish the story. I feel it’s time to show this story. This was a story I’ve placed in the backburner for too long. I’m hoping to have it release in the middle of the year.

I will have to come up with a cover design for the story. I want to make it hot but seductive. It’s time to give this story some full exposure. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/14/2017: Selena's Crushing Possibilties

Happy Valentine's Day.

Sorry I'm late posting this. I've been having a late start doing so.

However, my post is up, and I thought I should come up with a snippet that represents a little bit of Valentin's Day, a little snippet about near rejection and hope.

Something totally fictional. 


Tonight, Sabrina was going to take control of what is hers, show him how long and how much she had wanted him. She was going to claim Jack for Valentine’s Day, leave the trail of scent of her that would deter any other woman from ever approaching him.

This was it. She was going to go in the bathroom and get herself changed into something that would have Jack attention. She was going to wear just a pair of stockings and a garter belt; no bra, no thong. She was going to show him her world, and express her pure desire.

Sabrina was ready to meet back with him and take over his world, make him hers, claim him, own him, she wanted to let every other skank in the building know that Jack was hers, or at least so she thought when she stepped out of the bathroom. She wasn’t expecting Jack to fall for Jasmine, who was equally naked, wearing just a pair of black stockings and a garter belt. She held on to Jack’s tie, with a look of determination.

She thought it was over; Jasmine never loved him. But she never expected Jack to reject her, as he walked away, leaving the opportunity for Sabrina to approach him.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/10/2017: Her Present Awaits

Happy Friday. 

It's the start of the weekend, and why not present a flash fiction in 100 words off this piece?


Tiana stood in front of her door and noticed a folded pink note hanging. She snatched the note off and opened it.

Tiana read it. The note read. Thank you for everything. Your present awaits for you inside.  – Mandy.

A present awaits? What present?

She went inside her studio apartment and saw a naked man lying her bed. He was gorgeous, like an absolute fantasy turned reality. If there was anything in particular she noticed more was his ass cheeks; the kind she could hold on to.

“I’m Jed, how can I fulfill your fantasy?”

She was speechless but thrilled.

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