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Friday, January 20, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/20/2017: Therapy Session

Happy Friday.

I've been awfully busy preparing things for the release of my erotic tale, Allison In Wonderland, 
which will release on Monday, January 30th. I'm pretty excited and nervous about the release

This is the first time I've ever published an erotic novel. 

Anyways, here is my flash for Friday, Jan 20th.

I'm inspired by this pic. I may consider writing a story about it.

Anyways, Enjoy!

Up the steps… Room 209 was the message Jason received on his phone when he texted her that he was in the building. The hotel wasn’t completely a place to enjoy a stay, but he continued up the steps until he reached the room number.

He knocked a few times on the door. A woman answered in the background. “It’s open, come in.”

Jason walked inside and closed the door. Standing by the window was a tall, blonde woman in black lingerie, filling the room with the sudden seduction.

She turned to Jason and grinned. “Are you ready for your therapy session?”

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Allison In Wonderland Is Now Available on Amazon for Pre-Order #AIWbyRayS

Hi, it’s been a week since I’ve posted on here, because I’ve been excitingly busy about the upcoming release of my book, Allison In Wonderland

After more than one year, I’m finally coming out with a new release, and this book is going to be better than what I anticipated, because here is what the story is all about.

It carries the same theme, except I stepped up the story to my own version, where the Red Queen is a succubus, her lover is an incubus. Instead of Allison being just some ordinary young, naïve girl. I thought of her as a twenty eight year-old heiress who ends up in a strange world with her smart-ass step-brother, Steve, who had the hots for her since they were teenagers.

In this story, what you’ll expect to find is an adventure, comedy, and a purpose between Allison and Steve. All characters in the story are human. So, there aren’t any creatures in the story, unlike other stories or parodies. Allison In Wonderland is a stepped up tale of how a story should be told, but with lots of erotic scenes that will keep you interested.

And I mean lots, from ménages to girl-on-girl, and etc. You’ll be surprised by the sex scene I wrote for Mr. Hatter’s tea party; it’s really interesting. And did I ever mention how naughty the White Queen is. She is pure and everything, but there is a naughty side of her unlike ever before.

Allison In Wonderland is now available on Amazon for pre-order: 

And while many other books that write about Alice are about the same, this book here is different from the rest.

Go ahead, reserve a copy and be ready to be taken into an adventure.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/13/2017: Easing His Day

Happy Friday,

Yes, it's Friday the 13th, and today I want to come up with a semi-seductive piece

Nothing makes a man's hard day go away like a naked woman wanting to seduce.


Marvin sat in his chair to unwind. He lit up a cigarette and contemplated in calm his demeanor about his bad day at work. He couldn’t help think about the deal he lost against his rival bidder. Marvin was always use to winning; he felt losing was never an option, but tonight he will sit in his chair and think over his defeat… or so he thought. Lara walked in the den wearing nothing on. She wore an inviting look as she approached him.

Marvin, for a moment, thought of telling her to go away, but Lara had a way to help him forget.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/10/2017: Seduction For Breakfast

Good morning. 

It's time for another segment.

Today, I want to come across with a very sensual piece for Tuesday.


“It was such a beautiful morning, standing behind you watching the sun rise from the mountains.” Joe said to Tori when she lolled her head back against his chest to kiss him. “It’s too bad that we have to return back to reality.”

“Mmmhmm,” Tori agreed. “We do have six hours to return home.”

“Why don’t I cook you breakfast?” Joe offered.

“I have a better idea, why don’t we go out for breakfast?” She turned herself around pressing her curves against his chiseled body and gave him a kiss. “I have something else in mind. We could go for another round and go to the little restaurant on the road.”

Joe moved his eyes down and noticed her breasts, then he averted his eyes back at her with he noticed a seductive grin. It was naughty and sincere, but Joe couldn’t resist from saying no. He loved the way she glowed from the morning sun, but more when he felt the heat of her body arousing him.

“On one condition,” he requested, “I get to be on top.”

Tori grinned and laughed seductively. “I was hoping you were going to behind me. I want to feel all of you inside me.”

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 01/07/2017: Vivien's Initial Feeling of Thane

Hope you're having a great weekend. It's time for another one of those Random Short Snippets.

And what could make a Saturday so hot when you look at this pic.

I guarantee this will be a hot writing piece.


Vivien lied on the bed as she watched Thane part her legs. He was hard and ready, determined to be inside her. Just one look and she knew she couldn’t resist what he was about to give her. She couldn’t resist what he was about to put inside her. That delicious-looking sword of flesh she had many times inside her, remembering the way it throbbed from being inside her too long. She loved what his cock offered, and now she was going to get another reminder of him being inside her, once and for all.

Ah yes, the feeling of his heat being buried inside hers. What a delicious combination.

Her eyes remained locked on his cock, as he slid his hardness over her slit, rubbing it and teasing it, making her body beg with need. His cock over her clit felt warm. Hot. She watched his expression when he looked back at her and rubbed himself against her slit. He indicated how bad he wanted to be inside her. How much he wanted to feel her wetness at the moment he stretch inside her. He locked eyes with her, as if he was telepathically talking to her.

And yes. Oh my god, she wanted that too. Vivien couldn’t take the torment any longer. She wanted to feel Thane’s cock inside her like it was her first time – her very first time having him inside. All she had to do was give him the word and let him know how much she wanted it.

But she didn’t. Vivien watched Thane’s body buck against her. His cock continued to rub against her slit. The feeling of his cock rubbing her clit felt wonderful. She couldn’t help from touching her breasts. What he was doing felt amazing. Yes!

Then instead of telling him to put inside her, Vivien nodded at Thane with the clear indication of what she wanted him to do. She wanted his cock, needed it inside her. Vivien wore a wanton look on her face, anxiously begging to have him fuck her, but she wasn’t going to tell him.

And finally, Thane moved his cock away and held it in his hand, as he positioned himself  against her wet entrance and pushed further inside her, causing her to loll her head back and elicit a moan. What a relief it was, feeling him stretch inside her walls of pleasure until he buried himself completely inside her. If only she could experience that feeling over and over again. Other than feeling his climax, feeling him stretch inside her for the first time was the best feeling ever, like a drug being administered to her. She wanted more now.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/06/2017: Ending His Life In Los Angeles

Happy Friday, everyone.

I hope everyone had enjoyed their new year. 

This is the first flash for 2017, and I want to share a piece with a twist.


Sean woke up with a feeling that wasn’t like any other morning. Even worse, the day was dreary and rainy over the once serene skyline of Los Angeles. It was the New Year, and he felt something really empty in his heart, like he had nothing to live for anymore. His life was now in ruins, and he felt all alone.

The city has eaten his soul alive, and he had no choice to end his life here. There was nothing left for him. It was time to take a new journey.

Time to head back to San Francisco, where he truly belongs.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Random Snippets - 01/05/2017: Happy To See Her

He came home to her – Julienne. How much he longed for her, to climb into bed and lay next to her. Press his lips against hers, telling her how much he missed and appreciate having her so close to him. He wanted to do more than just that. He told her how much he loved her. A long journey away from home can do that to a man like him. That one kiss quickly led to something erotic between the two, where they ended up and naked and he gave her the fuck of his life.

The world had embattled him mentally, and even though he was psychologically drained, he wanted to fuck. His cock pushed into her wetness – one heavy push. He listened closely to the way she yelp. It was her response of him stretching inside her, filling, pumping her slow and sensual, until the urge to fuck her hard happened.

He rocked her hard on the bed, pressing his face against hers. Her legs wrapped around his ass, as the two exchanged noises of pleasure, while the bed rocked and squeaked loudly. He didn’t give a shit how loud the bedroom was. They were alone, in their home. Who gave a damn what the neighbors heard, because they didn’t live in some apartment or townhome. The place was all to themselves and they were free to fuck wherever.

Then he motioned her to turn over, spread her ass and legs where his cock could find its way inside her, but this time he was all the way in deep – deep inside Julienne, where his balls slapped against her. He looked down and admired the way her ass bounced from his thrusts. So wonderful. So hot. He grabbed one of her ass cheeks and continued pounding her until he felt a growing tension inside him. He was on the verge of his climax, and so was she. He rocked her hard, commanding her to get herself off until he grunted loudly and shoved himself deep inside her. At the feel of himself throbbing inside her, Julienne let out a cry of pleasure. She sounded beautiful – erotic, but overall she felt very relieve. Her body was the tension-tamer that he needed. And when it was all over, the two lied in bed together, holding each other in full bliss over what happened.