Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Latest Blog Post on The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez: Promiscuity and Success 10/05/2016

It’s been a while since I have blogged about anything. For about five months, since I’ve completed the previous novel that’s currently in edits, Allison In Wonderland, I’ve been heavily busy developing a story that I’ve long wanted to write, and so far, it’s coming along fine – The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez: Promiscuity & Success.

When I originally wrote the story, I wanted to write a sexual adventure and a parody to one of my favorite porn stars in the industry, Meriesa Arroyo, respectively, but what I put into the story was far different than the life she lived. I wanted to create a character that wants to reject love, but gets a taste of loving someone that wasn’t controlling or argumentive. Meriesa was given the opportunity to be with someone, but deep down she didn’t want to be in a relationship she wasn’t happy with. When she turns down someone’s hand in marriage, she becomes free and single, and does something that most women wouldn’t think about, live a promiscuous lifestyle by having sex with anyone she meets on the internet – an adult social networking site that was founded by her friend called Fantasies With Benefits. From there, she ends up hooking up with someone that was very compatible to her, Benicio DeSouza.

Meriesa and Benicio’s first hookup was from an anonymous phone call conversation, where it led to more things to come. They later go on sexual adventures, where Meriesa gets to live out a few of her sexual fantasies with Benicio, at the same time catering to one of his own fantasies. Things were going very well between them, until she received a friend request from someone she hadn’t seen since high school, the founder of Fantasies With Benefits, Adela Giovanni.

Adela and Meriesa reconnects with Meriesa, as they share a number of sexual fantasies together during a three-day party. At the end of the party, Meriesa is given the opportunity to move with her to San Francisco and help manage the illicit sex parties around the Bay Area and Northern California. Meriesa was apprehensive about taking her up on the offer, until a life-change event occurs. She would now have to choose between staying in New York and be with Benicio, or move to San Francisco and work side-by-side with Adela.

So far, I’m already at 88k words, and what I may realize is that I’ll probably go even longer than expected. I was planning on shooting for 115-120k words, but at the rate the story is going, and there are a few more added scenes to help develop this story I may go longer.

I’m shooting for the 2017 release, but there’s no telling when. While I’m waiting for edits to Allison In Wonderland, I’m just working on the story, and hoping to finish as much as I can. I’m anticipating my completion around December or Jan, at most. It’s October, and there’s so far plenty of time, but I’m loving the feel of the story and I can’t wait to finish. Once the story is edited, I will announce the approximate release date.

The original story title was going to be Free & Promiscuous, giving the prequel a beginning of the story on how Meriesa ended up being promiscuous, but I realized that title of the story wasn’t at all necessary when all I could’ve done was change the format of the story, giving it a fun erotic tale with a touch of romance. The intention of the story was to create a sequel to my forthcoming Chateau Plasir, which will lead to another sequel and the final, in which I haven’t decided on the name for the final sequel.

Right now, it’s late. After 11pm PST, and it’s time to relax for the night. Stay tuned for my next post.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 09/09/2016: Jason, Syren, and Trinity

Happy Friday.

It's a beautiful September afternoon in Nevada, and I thought
I should share something in slight remembrance to 9/11, but I wanted to add 
a relationship twist to it.


Jason rested at an open field and enjoyed the view of the World Trade Center and the plathora of buildings that surrounded the massive structure. It was a warm but beautiful day to enjoy with Syren and Trinity; two beautiful women at his side who were willing to spend the afternoon tanning with him. In a way, he almost felt bad, having to steal Trinity away from his best friend. Both him and Syren had been going together for two months and decided to bring Trinity into their relationship, where they all became the best of lovers and friends.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 09/06/2016: Now's Not The Time

Hi. Happy Tuesday. 

You know, I almost didn't participate, because I was so deep into one of my stories, revising scenes before I send it off to my publisher, but I missed participating in this event as well. I'm really looking forward to tantalize you in 200 words.

Enjoy this naughty little snippet.

It’s what he wasn’t expecting all along when Peter burst in his bedroom to see his girlfriend in the arms with another women; someone he knew that would get him in some serious trouble. Lucy, his girlfriend was making out with another woman who belonged to his boss, Faye. Shit, this was no time to join in on the fun, even though the two were nearly naked, in pink and white laced lingerie. Faye had a very nice ass that equally matched Lucy’s shapely ass. He was nearly distracted by the seductive atmosphere that invited him. The look on their faces showed.

“Honey, don’t be all so excited,” Lucy said. Peter emphasized them to be quiet. He was really worried, and he wanted them to be quiet, because he had someone over, and it wasn’t what he hoped would come. Then Lucy gave a concerning look. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Her husband’s here. He doesn’t know she’s here.”

“Keenan? Oh my god.” Faye whispered. Her look was alarmed like the rest.

Peter nodded, watching Faye’s eyes widen with shock. She placed her hand over her mouth. This was going to be a long evening as she’ll have to remain silent throughout the time.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

To The Person(s) That Likes to Report My Posts.

Over the past year, since the summer or fall of 2015, my lady and I had been harassed by someone or a number of people who have a problem with what we post, just don’t like us, or some who have a god-complex and feel they could whatever they can to us. I call those megalomaniacs, but it’s gotten way out of hand.

As many of you know what I write, and what my lady and I post are something that we enjoy doing like everyone here in the Facebook community. Apparently, there are people who have a problem with it, and either they are friends of yours, family, or just a number of other people that oversaw what you posted on your friend’s wall and have a problem with it.

I could only suspect a few people over the past few months, but that’s not enough. My question to them is why are you friends with me, if I don’t wear the same feather? And when you have to attack me on my author page, over a post that is considered tasteful, why are you following me? And if you’re not following me, what is your problem?

What I post on my author page is tasteful, and only meant to be tasteful. If you find those images disturbing, how? What is so disturbing about posting mostly affectionate people in black and white photos mainly? I, like many other people, choose to and love to post provocative photos to sell entertainment, not pornography. Do not confuse erotica with pornography. There are no penetrative shots going on, but what I really suspect is someone going through my profile, and my author page’s profile and find pics to report.
What good does that make for you? All what is going to do is make me more defiant, by keep posting erotic entertainment. It won’t change me, except make me stronger and push your buttons about my existence.

If you think God put you on earth to pick on people that are different than you, then my friend you’re going to be very disappointed. Instead of picking on people who write or post erotic images, why don’t you pick on people who promote hate in the most indirect way? There are probably more hateful posts on Facebook than erotic images on Facebook. Hell, it’s worse on Twitter. Try there.

But if you have a personal thing against me or my lady of twelve years, then the only person you hate is really yourself. I don’t have any pity for you if you want to continue to bully or harass us, and we’re not going to back down. And while you think you have the best of us, our existence is really getting the best of you.

Think of that.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 08/12/2016: A Clandestine Getaway

Happy Friday.

It's been a hectic day, but I managed to give you small Flash Fiction.


Josephine and Dani were relieved to get away for the weekend – away from the hustle and bustle of New York City, where they escaped to the Poconos for a little rest and relaxation. They rented a suite together, and the first thing they did was start up the Jacuzzi hot tub and fill it up with liquid soap.

They got in naked together and enjoyed their glass of wine. Moments later, they were talking and laughing, until they heard Dani’s phone ring.

“Don’t get that!” Josephine placed her hand on top of Dani’s arm. “They don’t need to know where we are.”

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 08/09/2016: Her Unknown Client

Happy Tuesday.

It took me a few pictures to get my spark going for Tantalizing Tuesday.

I thought today why not come across something seductive.

Here is my teasing piece in 200 words, which I'm a bit over by 8 words due to the nature of the piece.


The elevator doors opened and Miranda stepped out of the elevator and walked down the long hallway, until she stopped before a room, just at the end of the hallway. She gave the door a few gentle knocks and waited. Moments later, the door opened, and there stood a well-dressed man, dressed all in black. He held the door open to allow her to enter and closed it right behind her.

Miranda could feel her heart race wildly, from the wonderful anticipation of being this close to him. She felt the heat of his body when he sauntered over her. He examined her appearance and then stood in her way when he made eye contact with her for the first time. She was mesmerized by his beauty – his piercing blue eyes – oh yes!

Then he sat on the bed and instructed her with his strong European accent, “Very pretty. You lift up your dress.”

Miranda obliged by his request and raised her night dress. She revealed to him her black lacy panties, as this man, whom she didn’t get his name, slid them down past her thighs and knees, but damn, he was turning her on.

“Very nice,” the man said; he was intrigued of her sexual appearance.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Menage Shorts: Josephine Pays Back The Debt

It's nice to take a little break from writing and do a short erotic story.

I want to share short menage story for you. You better brace yourself for a hot bedtime story.

This MMFM story is about a woman named Josephine. She was sent over by her master to settle a debt with a man named Yuri. Josephine knows what kind of debt she was settling, but what she learns in the end will be shocking.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little hot story in 2700 words.

Josephine was dropped off in the middle of nowhere and told by her Master to meet a group of men that will be waiting for her in the fields. Her mission was to do what they asked her, and the Master will return to pick her up when they’re done.

Josephine knew what she was embarking on, and she was looking forward to spend the afternoon with a group of unknown men. She opened the car door and slipped out. Josephine began walking through the long empty field, while she overheard her master take off. Where she was going was quite away. It was a good thing her master told her to carry a backpack full of food and other things. In case the men she were to meet were far away.

It was a long journey. Good thing, the weather was nice, but she didn’t want to take too long to find them. She had to cut through the woods, in order to reach another opened field. She crossed through this field and noticed a group of men lying down on top of a hill. Josephine could feel her nerves jangling with pleasure. She saw them lying on top of blue blanket, shirtless, with just a bottle of vodka and a carton of juice for them to enjoy. The men were talking among themselves, until one of them turned and saw her approach them.

The men sat up and turned to her. Josephine was a little nervous, but she trusted her instincts that everything was going to be okay. She knew why sent by her master, and there was no thing to worry, as she was sure to return to her master safe without harm.

“My Master had sent me.” Josephine folded her fingers in front of her.

“Your Master has done well to help repay his debt,” one of the men said. He had broad shoulder and short dark hair shaped in a crew cut. He sounded like the leader of the bunch; all of the other men remained silent. “I’m Yuri. Please, come. Sit down and have a drink with us.”

Josephine was reluctant to have one. She wasn’t much of a drinker, but she was told by the Master to do whatever they say to repay the debt. Yuri was a man who didn’t like being told no, and whatever he wanted to do to her, she’ll just have to cooperate with them. She knew how she got herself into this mess. It was a bet Yuri waged against his master in a car race, and the Master lost. Instead of taking any monetary payment, Yuri wanted to have his way with the Master’s sub – Josephine. She was the payment settlement for Yuri – to borrow her for the entire day.

She took off her backpack and sat down. Josephine sat next to Yuri and was handed a bottle of vodka.

“Drink,” he instructed. Then he introduced, “These are my men, Stavros and Isaac.”

Josephine looked over to them and nodded. The men nodded back at her, but they wore the hungry expressions like Yuri. There was no telling what they were planning to do to her. She took the bottle and placed it to her lips. Josephine took a swig of the vodka and handed the bottle back to Yuri.

Isaac, the man with short blonde hair and average build handed her a bottle of orange juice, where Josephine took a swig of it, to wash away the alcoholic taste.

“I must say she is pretty.” Stavros took the bottle away and took a sip. He then handed it back to her. “Drink some more.”

Josephine took back the bottle and drank some more vodka. She knew where this was going. They wanted her to loosen up, as these men prepared to have their way with her. All she was doing was settling a payment transaction for her Master’s gambling debt. She’ll just have to go along with it, hopefully without ever mentioning to her Master what they did to her, in specifics.

Josephine had drank enough vodka to make her feel buzzed. It’s been a while since she had felt this way, but the feeling of the buzz was making her loose and willing to forgo her inhibitions. Damn, she was feeling really nice.

Then she felt one of the men place his hand around her waist. It was Stavros’s “Oh yes, she is a looker.”

Yuri took the bottle of vodka and carton of juice away and set it aside. He reached over and lifted up her shirt to reveal her fallen breast. Josephine wasn’t wearing any bra, but she did have wonderful perky breasts, and a pierced nipples. Yuri glided his hand over one of them and gently fondled them.

“Yes, she is a looker. Let’s get her out of these clothes, boys.”

Josephine moved herself to the middle, where she felt herself being stripped away from her clothes. The men were hungry for her, but they were gentle in handling her. She belonged to them for the time being, and as they stripped her down to her nakedness the men began fondling her body.

Here she was, surround by them, as their hands wandered over her naked body. Josephine could feel all six of them exploring every inch of her body. Next, she felt her breasts being cupped together, as she watched Stavros and Isaac take her nipples into their mouths. Yuri pulled her pants away from her ankles and parted her legs, where she revealed her clean shaven pussy for him to see. His grazed over her slit; Josephine noticed his grin of approval.

Yuri stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. While Josephine waited for him to pull out his cock, she felt someone’s hand wander down to her center, where his fingers made its way to her clit. She wasn’t concerned who was touching her, but the feeling she was getting was making her feel good.

The men behind her let her go and stripped. Josephine, without any hesitation, took Yuri’s cock in her mouth. She sucked him off eagerly until one of the men joined next to him and held out his shaft. It was Isaac; he was just as anxious to get his dick sucked like Yuri.

She turned her head to him and took him in her mouth. Josephine bobbed her head back and forth, until she felt a swarm of hands roaming over her body.

She felt someone’s hand over her ass, motioning to get on her hands and knees. These boys didn’t waste any time in wanting to fuck her. So far, she felt ready to take one of them inside her, and the feeling of being naked in front of three horny men was beginning to excite her. Could it be the liquid courage that was growing?

She was on her knees, still holding Isaac’s cock in her mouth. She felt someone’s hands on each side of her waists, and she pulled close against someone’s cock as it rest between the crack of her ass. Then she felt him push himself inside her, stretching her and filling her entirely, where she had to take Isaac’s cock out of her mouth to let out a deepening moan.

It felt good – so good to feel something that hard inside her. Whoever was behind her was taking his time on her. His thrusts moved deep, but gently. She already had forgotten why she was there. The feeling of one being inside her was satisfaction enough.

She took turns with their cocks. Isaac was at one side, and she noticed Stavros was kneeling on the other side; Yuri was behind fucking her. He moved himself inside her at a steady pace, and while she was being fucked. Isaac handed her a bottle of vodka to sip.

She sipped out of the bottle and handed it back to Isaac. Josephine continued to suck their cocks, until Yuri motioned her to turn herself around and lie on her back.

Josephine obliged by Yuri’s request and lied down. She took Stavros’s cock in her mouth and parted her legs for Yuri to re-enter her. He slipped himself inside her and began pumping her nice and deep. She relaxed herself as she felt her legs being supported by the other men. Josephine continued taking turns sucking on their cocks, until Yuri pulled out of her said to Stavros, “It’s your turn. Fuck her real good.”

Stavros lied beside her and turned Josephine to the side. She felt her leg being raised and held by Stavros’s leg before entering her. He pushed himself inside her and began filling her with his hardness. Josephine was already lost in her passions, as she happily took the other men’s cocks in her mouth. She felt herself being held tightly, while she overheard Stavros’s silent grunts of pleasure.

Then Stavros pulled himself out of her and slipped back inside her. He gave a few more strokes inside of her and pulled himself back out. Stavros got up and told Isaac to take her next. Josephine remained at her side, until Isaac motioned her to get on her fours again.

She switched positions and stood on her hands and knees. Isaac moved behind her and shoved his cock inside her with one swift move.

Josephine couldn’t help letting out a loud moan. The feeling of any man giving her a deepening thrust made her feel really wet. His cock slipped in and out of her pussy with such ease. Josephine was so wet, she thought about touching herself, but she didn’t have any real balance to do so; she was busy taking turns on their cocks in her mouth.

Isaac pounded her, then said to the boys. “Fuck, she so good. I wonder how tight she really is.”

Josephine wondered what Isaac meant by it, until she felt his thumb moving around the rim of her tight hole. Oh shit, she wasn’t expecting one of them to fuck her in the ass. She didn’t bring any lube. If Isaac was going to fuck her there, he’ll have to lube her up really good, otherwise it was going to hurt like hell.

Isaac pulled himself out of her and leaned down to lick her tight hole. She was relieved that Isaac wasn’t going to go in dry turkey. He licked around her tight hole to stimulate her. Josephine loved the feeling of someone’s tongue around her asshole. She loved it more when Isaac probed her puckered hole with his tongue, making her nice and ready for his big entry. The feeling was so good, she could barely focus on the other men’s cocks. In fact, these men probably didn’t mind; they were probably enjoying what Isaac was doing to her.

Isaac spent enough time getting her primed up, until he moved his head away and placed his cock against her folds. He pushed himself back inside her and fucked her some more, until he pulled out of her and placed the tip of his cock over her tight hole. Josephine braced herself, as she felt ready to receive Isaac’s entry. At the moment he pressed inside her ass, Josephine let out a soft hiss. The initial feeling was painfully intense. Isaac’s girth was pretty big; bigger than her Master, but once she was able to get used to his size she was able to relax herself and take in more of Isaac’s length.

He was moving his hips back and forth. The feeling of his cock in her ass left a delicious feeling growing in her core. In a way, she wished she was sandwiched between these men. Her pussy felt somewhat neglected.

Isaac moved himself inside her ass with some speed. Josephine’s moans increased, but was still muffled by handling both cocks in her mouth at the same time.

“How does it feel, Isaac?” Yuri asked him.

“Oh yes, she’s so fucking tight.”

“What do you say we both fill her holes together?” He held up her chin and asked, “Don’t you want to feel two men inside you right now?”

Josephine nodded. She thought it would never happened. The feeling of having two men inside her at once was something she had longed for. She was loyal to her master, but Master had never offered her the opportunity to be fucked by a few men, until now. He hated to share her, but it was an agreement he had to fulfill. To Josephine, she couldn’t be more excited about it now.

Isaac pulled out of her and Yuri lied down. Josephine climbed on top of him and took his cock inside her pussy. She gyrated her hips intensely, while she felt Yuri’s hand glide over her breasts. Then she felt Isaac’s hand over her shoulder and motioned her to lean forward. She rested on top of Yuri and kissed him. She didn’t know why she was doing it, but she was enjoying what was happening. When Isaac slipped back inside her ass, Josephine let out a deepening moan while she heard the men groan together.

The way their cocks moved together in rhythm, Josephine was lost in her passions. Her face contorted with pleasure as she savored the wonderful, intense feeling of both men inside her. Both of her holes were filled, and there was one more hole that needed to be filled – her mouth. Stavros shoved himself in her mouth, and Josephine began sucking away, while the men filled every one of her holes with determination. They all howled together with delight, and as much as the men were enjoying themselves Josephine was enjoying it even more. Both Yuri and Isaac worked her up to an orgasm she couldn’t believe happened. The enjoyment was so wonderful she couldn’t resist. Josephine’s screams could’ve probably been heard miles away, if anyone did hear. She only hoped that her master wasn’t nearby to hear what was going on. Then again, she walk a long way to a secluded area to meet these men.

The men were howling. Then Yuri suggested, “Let’s all shower her with our cum together.”

Both Stavros and Isaac responded in unison. “Yeah!”

Isaac pulled himself out of her ass, and Josephine hopped off Yuri. She turned herself around and lied on her back and waited for the men to surround her with their swords of flesh.

She fingered herself as she watched each of them jerked off together. Josephine was anxious for one of them to cum, her fingers moved furiously around her clit, which worked her up to a near orgasm. Then she overheard one of them howl, it was Stavros. He inched closer and shot his load over her tits. The second howl came from Yuri when he shot his load over her pussy and stomach. Her body was being showered by their cum, and to add more to the eroticism, she overheard Isaac howling and pointed his cock over her face, where he shot his load all over her face.

These men showered her with their pleasure until they were spent. When it was over, Josephine continued to work herself to another wave of pleasure. Her second orgasm was so intense it shook her body to an uproar of delight. Josephine lied still in pure bliss as she watched the men put on their pants. It was all over; the debt has been repaid. She sat up and looked over to Isaac, when he said, “Tell your master that his debt has been repaid. It was too bad that we had to rig the race to have you; he was all too good.”

Josephine watched the men walk away, leaving her alone on the blue blanket with a bottle of vodka and juice, along her clothes and backpack. She sat there, realizing that what the men did was rig the game to have their way with her. It was a dirty trick she didn’t like, but she couldn’t tell her master how much she enjoyed them. Josephine was given a pleasure that not even Master would allow her to enjoy. Could this be the turning point for her?