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Friday, March 24, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 03/24/2017: Mine

Happy Friday!

Yes, it's that time, where I get to post a flash in 100 words.

This picture was based on an inspiration of the two sisters, I've interacted with on Saturday, March 18th. They were a big fan of sex and sex stories. From some of the wonderful details they shared at my job, I was really inspired to write a BDSM story, but make it nice and twisted, filled with drama and suspense; also creating step-sisters, instead of sisters.

Here's a little piece I created!

It's a rough sketch.


Nicole towered over Amirah, wearing her most provocative lingerie outfit, sexed up to a ‘T’, displaying her look of pleasure, as she held apart Amirah’s legs, while she looked at and caressed herself. She watched as Amirah roamed her fingers over her breasts, returning a wanton look, before Kiva stormed back in the room interrupting their session.

“Nicole, she’s mine! Amriah’s mine!”

“It’s my turn; I get to have her for the day.”

Kiva pushed her away. “No, get off of her. She’s mine.”

Then Amirah suggested. “Why can’t I be both yours for the day? I’m willing to please both at the same time.”

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 03/17/2017: A Sudden Discovery

Happy Friday, everyone


Happy St. Patrick's Day. 

It's time for another flash segment, and this was a bit of a fun one.

Anyways, enjoy!.

“Girl, are you ready?” Lashawnda asked Kim. She handed her the flyer of the strip club they were going to “We’re about to get our party on, and he’s appearing tonight.

Kim shrugged. “I don’t know. Besides, what’s there to see other than a couple of cocks swinging in front of us?”

“It’s not a couple, it’s a bunch of them. There are going to be lots of cocks.”

Kim looked at the flyer once more. She then noticed the familiar tattoos on his back.

“Oh shit, I know this guy.”

“You do?” Lashawanda was surprised.

“Yeah, he’s my ex.”

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Difficult Decision of Letting Go Of AfterDark Online

When I launched AfterDark Online, it was around the time I was deciding where I wanted to be. I launched the site in the fall of 2010 as a story submission site, which was successful for the next three years, and then I decided to expand it more to promoting people’s books and doing reviews, also hosting interviews, but by the end of 2016 my desire to keep the site active was beginning to wane. I was at the crossroads of where I wanted to be.

This site had such an influence for me. It was there when I met a number of authors and got involved with a number of publishers, but while I had operated AfterDark Online I was working on writing my first ebook in the summer of 2011. By September, I created the first edition of Their First Night Together (later republished in 2014 under Gratis), I knew then and there I wanted to be an author more than ever, but I also had my site going, where I wanted to help promote authors.

At that time, I was still discovering myself and continued to until 2014, where I wanted to focus more on publishing my stories, but the decision to let go of the site was the most difficult, because I enjoyed working with other authors, and I want to help them succeed, but my desire to continue AfterDark Online was moving away, and I realized that I couldn’t stay committed anymore, missing other people’s posts, as I got lost in my own work.

I wanted to continue, but I had no one that was interested to help out and work with me on the site. I was doing this all by myself, and while I had fun doing so it was time to move on and focus on my work.

The word AfterDark will still flourish through my books, which I use my own publishing label as AfterDark Press. This name had been with me for the last twenty years, but giving it life was a privilege I had that most people weren’t able to accomplish. I’m proud to have work with a number of authors, reviewing for them, and publishing stories that helped jump-start their writing career, but the time moves on for me to do something else, and writing is my passion.

To the authors, publishers, PA, and followers of AfterDark Online, thank you for the wonderful memories.

Ray Sostre.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 03/03/2017: Leah's Wanton Discovery

Happy Friday.

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

This one was a bit difficult, because I had to keep the word count low.

I had fun with this piece, as I wanted to write a long snippet to it, but this flash is only for 100 words,
and I couldn't help being over it by 8 words.

Anyways, enjoy this piece.

Leah was relieved to arrive at her hotel room. She set her luggage down on her bed and kicked off her shoes. Now all she need was to use the bathroom.

She saw a door with a knob, assuming it was the bathroom. She opened the door and saw a naked man lying on the bed. Leah jumped when she saw him. He was clean cut and had gorgeous eyes, also a wonderful build, which she couldn’t help noticing his hand over his crotch.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Leah blushed, covering her eyes.

The man grinned when she closed the door, but she couldn’t help staring back at him.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Risque Pleasure: The Second Installment To A Thrill Seeking Relationship Is In The Works

Hey everyone, I hope everyone’s had a great weekend. Mine’s been pretty mellow, but here’s what I have going, and I’m excited about working on a new release. I thought about it hard and long about continuing and making a series of A Thrill Seeking Relationship. When I wrote the story, I was amazed about the sexual adventure I created and the fun I had in writing it. I’m always faced with some challenges of writing erotic novellas or novels, but most important I enjoy writing it, but it had taken me two years to really decide about writing a series.

The name of the story will be A Thrill Seeking Relationship: Risqué Pleasure. This story will be a May/December romance, except it’s not dealing with a woman in her thirties dating a twenty year old. This story is about a woman in her early sixties having an affair with a man in his mid-forties. This story was inspired by one of my fans, and when I did a live writing in the summer of 2015, I was inspired to come up with something more.

Now, for some people who write erotica, I’m aware that most authors write erotica with characters that are young, probably in their late teens, twenties, or thirties. I mostly write characters that are from their late twenties up to their forties, if possible, but I am also willing to explore into the fifties and sixties range, because there are people in that age who like reading this content, and they love sex. Sex shouldn’t discriminate in age, it’s a form of expression, no matter how old you are.

What I am planning on in this story is to use the same elements in the very first story, which is currently published with Bitten Press. The story, of course, will have lots of adventure and plenty of steamy sex scenes to get you arouse. It will be independently published, and I may consider getting it done on paperback.

Now if you want to know what Risque Pleasure will be about. It’s a story about two people who discover their significant others were having an affair with each other, and instead of confronting them, the cheated decides to take a step further up and share sexual desires and fantasies with each other, but while the two share a mutual passion together the feelings between these two are drawn.

This will be a novella, and what I’m hoping for is a release for the summer of 2017.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/24/2016: Director's Cut

Happy Friday.

This was a fun story picture I'm writing in my story. I was so into it. I had to revise it a few times, because I was over 100 words numerous times.

Anyways, enjoy!

Afina loved being in Rockwell’s arms. His body, his nakedness; damn he felt so good. She kissed him ravenously and trailed her kisses down his chest. Rockwell indicated his enjoyment, when he returned the same endearment by running his fingers through her dark hair. She moved down to his abdomen and began leaving wet kisses over there, and more so she was ready to take him in her mouth, when the director yelled, “Cut!”

“Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!” The director jumps off his chair and walk away. “Take five, everyone.”

Afina blew out a long breath. She was so into Rockwell.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 02/19/2017: When She Gets Home

Happy Sunday. 

I have another erotic snippet to share, thanks to @Sassy_SexxyRain.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter. She posts some very erotic pics, and has definitely inspired me to write some based of them.


He needed her so badly. Wanted her so deeply. He missed the feel of her soft body over his. Oh, how he missed the passionate kisses and the licks she left on his hairy, muscular chest. She was gone for only one day and that drove him mad, filled with worry and a little bit of anger. Damn, when was she going to be home? She promised him to be home really soon.

He waited all day for her return. His love was never this late, but left a text message on his phone telling him that she was going to stay late to finish up her project. Work needed to be done, but the more he waited the crazier he drove. She even told him explicitly to save some energy for tonight as she couldn’t wait to fuck him.

He lied in bed, in the dark, all alone, anxiously waiting for her return. His hand was in his boxer shorts stroking himself, fantasizing over the moment of her arrival. She told him what underwear she was wearing, what she’ll be doing when she come home, and all the dirty thing she couldn’t wait for him to do to her.

And indeed, she promised him well. When she came home, she opened the door of the darkened bedroom. The light from the hallway shone inside the darkened bedroom, as she saw him lying away from her, stroking himself. He was hard and ready for her, masturbating over her return. The sight of him jerking off had already caused a moisture to develop. She loved a man that got himself all hot and bothered about her. She wasted no time getting in bed with him.

She licked her lips as she straddled herself between his face. In response, he pushed aside her thong and savored the delicious sight of her pussy and ass showing before him. In return, she held onto his cock and took in her mouth, while she felt her slit being licked and nibbled. The two were finally back in each other’s arms, but their faces were in different directions.

She grinded her pussy over her face, as she felt his tongue latch on to her clit like a fly stuck to glue, but his tongue moved wonderfully, causing a delicious sensation to grow in her body. She felt his hips buck, as his cock moved in and out of her mouth.

She was determined to make him cum. Even though he wasn’t in her mouth, she wanted to make her mouth feel like one, by the way she glistened his cock with her saliva. She loved the feeling of his hips moving; his thrusts were intense. She only imagined how agonizing it was for him to want to cum her mouth, but he was giving her the same torment.

His hand was over her ass cheeks, swirling his tongue skillfully around her nub that hung below. He loved her response, gyrating herself over his face, while she let out gasps of pleasure, despite having his cock in her mouth. Fuck, she was taking him close over the edge and it was time to share her the same feeling.

His finger made its way to her tight hole and circled around the ring of her asshole. She felt arouse, relaxed and ready to receive his entry. It wasn’t long when he inserted his finger further in her ass, while his tongue worked around her clit. She loved it; he could hear her muffled cries of pleasure increase.

The two shared pleasurable noises together. He was almost at his peak, and so was she. The room was filled with loud noises of pleasure that when he came, his grunts were as loud as her muffled screams of pleasure. They’ve reached a wonderful orgasm together. So hot.

When their orgasms slowed, the two broke away to catch each other’s breaths. It was by far a memorable feeling; definitely worth the wait.

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